Would you rather be ruled by cats (yes) or dogs (no)?

Asked by: NewSoul95
  • This already exists.

    I already am a slave to my cat, in fact, I am spending too much time on the computer. As I am typing, I am also pleading for my life to my cat for not attending to them enough. *NO, PLEASE DON'T PUNISH ME SIR! OH GOD, DON'T PUT ON THE STEEL CLAWS! PLEASE! NO!* *muffled scream*
    *low pitched gurgling*

  • We should be ruled by cats.

    According to the website Animal Planet, the cat guide states reasons why cats are better than dogs. Some reasons are that cats treat people’s guests politely. When guests arrive dogs would go into a frenzy and jump all around them, while cats like to observe from afar. People would still have to wash dogs unless they would like to be ruled by dirty dogs, while cats clean themselves and don’t need to be washed. Cats are very curious and can result in situations that make others laugh. They could easily sit in a sink or drawer and be a laugh, while it would take more for dogs to be funny. The loudest cat is even quieter than any dog. Overall cats are way better than dogs and can be more of a friend. We should be ruled by cats, not dogs.

  • Cats don't follow the pack

    Cats do their own thing, and don't suffer fools to kindly. Why follow a pack and be a clone, when you can follow a single-minded, feisty, and clever leader who just knows how to dodge trouble? Cats come and go as they please, eat whatever is available, usually some poor Mouse that's toyed with for ages before being decapitated and eaten, and are near impossible to hold back as they are consumate freedom seekers. I love freedom, the chance to go where I want when I want and to be able to obey my own instincts not those of a pack such as that a Dog would obey or even people who follow Megalomanic leaders.

  • Cats More Laid Back, Sleep More

    Cats are more laid back and sleep for longer periods of the day. They are more independent and poop in a box. Cats catch mice and control the vermin population. The only good thing about dogs is their loyalty. I'd much rather be ruled by cats--if they let me sleep 20 hours a day.

  • I like cats...

    Even better than dogs. However, dogs are loyal and diligent to a fault, whereas cats are little sociopaths. Given the ability to rule, a dog would dutifully enact the will of the electorate, and step down when his or her term expired. A cat, on the other hand, once elected, can has ur liberties.

  • Dogs are Man's best friend, Cats are Woman's best furniture scratchers.

    I have had 4 dogs within my lifetime and 2 of them started out as big, angry guard dogs. One after the other, they all learned within 2 years without physical punishment. They were all family and they all protected me and the rest of my family until the day they died. My Dogs have only ever barked and growled at others to back off. Never Ever, have they bit anyone.
    Now with cats on the other hand. They sleep all day and only late at night do they walk around. Let's identify every skill that cats have, shall we. They have night vision to walk around in the dark where NO ONE can see them, they have amazingly super sharp nails to climb up everything they want and to cut/weaken enemies and prey. (You could be either one!) and they have their Always sharp fang teeth. At night all they do is wine and complain out loud when I'm trying to sleep, all because they are bored. The best 2 reasons to have a cat is they will catch mice and teach you not to bother them when they're sleeping.
    Dogs are only bad when you don't feed them, walk them, and don't pay attention/ play with them. It's always that simple. Love dogs and they will love you!

  • Ruled by dogs definitely

    I am from arkansas and dogs are hard working animals. They are easily controlled and more smarter than cats. The dogs can be trained to work hard at anything you put at them. For an example, they can fetch the ducks we shoot. Or even fetch coons aka raccoons for us. They like water and cats don't. So dogs rule over cats. GO DOGS!

  • Undoubtedly I would much rather be ruled by dogs.

    Cats are well known for being spoiled and thinking they are better than everyone else so why would i want someone like that to rule my town. Also, cats don't like me. No matter what i do to them to make them like me they don't. I think it is rude and disrespectful but dogs however can be controlled easier. Thats why i think that dogs would make better rulers than cats.

  • Less painful to be ruled by dogs

    I would have to choose dogs. If dogs or cats had dominion over us, I figure we would end up being fed their table scraps. In my opinion, dog food doesn't quite smell as bad as cat food, so I think I would have a better chance of tolerating it. And this doesn't even take into account the problem of using a litterbox.

  • The Pitty Litter

    I would absolutely rather be ruled by dogs over cats. Lets really imagine this for a moment. You come home after a long day at work to sit down to some relaxing television to see a State of the Union Address with a cat on the screen. Mr. Snowball is licking his private parts with one leg stretched to the ceiling. After the horrific intro to his speech, the cat hacks up a fur ball on the podium then licks it up in front of the entire country that he is expected to run. As your support for the new ruler slowly diminishes, the heroic German Shepard eats the cat then spits him up on the audience. Now with the upper hand, the dog is able to demand all the changes that needed to be done in the country. Obviously, these changes will be successful because no one is going to argue with a dog with that much authority. The pushy yet knowledgeable dog will then rule with an iron fist, doing what he pleases.

  • I would rather be ruled by dogs

    Dogs and cats would approach ruling humans completely differently. Cats would exact revenge for every injustice ever done to them, real or imagined. Dogs would show their happiness and gratitude by making the world one big playground. A world under cats would be cruel and unpredictable while the world ruled by dogs would be filled with love and affection.

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