Would you rather die peacefully, of natural causes? (Yes) Or violently, yet heroically? (No)

Asked by: Axelthane
  • I like reproducing.

    For every hero, there's the bunch of regular guys who have a far longer life expectancy who actually get things done. Heroes go in and get killed. Regular guys are eating the popcorn as the heroes go out and die hilariously. Cool trick: the longer you live, the more fun you can have.

  • Natural causes are best.

    I'd rather live and die modestly in an environment in which I'm not bombarded by the public deeming me a 'hero'. It's a superficial title with meaning that slowly fades as time fades. A heroic death is, a tragic death for society and much better avoided. A flashy death is not synonymous to a great death.

  • Most Conflict has a brain and arms, the leader and then those who carry out orders

    This quote is so true: "Old men wage war, but young men must fight it. " The opposite army will have some bad people, but so will your side, and I define good people by the fact that at home they have someone waiting for them, and they have friends they can make a joke with. There are people around them that they treat with respect. So in the topic of fighting in a war, or large scale conflict, I'd say peacefully, and let the old dude that made the attack fight the war themselves.

  • "A man who won't die for something, is not fit to live" -Martin Luther King Jr.

    If I have something to live for, then I have something I am willing to die for. There is a misconception that people think of a heroic death as charging into battle then dying from a quick death with people remembering your name. Unfortunately this is further from the truth in most cases. I personally see a more likely heroic death as the hero saving (or at least trying to save) an ally's life, gets badly injured, gets left behind, then slowly painfully dies alone and gets forgotten. Now I would pick that death over a peaceful and painless death. Why would I pick such a painful, violent, and forgotten death over a peaceful and painless one? Because I rather have my death have a purpose. If I am saving at least one life or even increasing the likelihood that they live, it would be worth my terrible, horrible death.

  • Known as a hero

    I'd rather be known as a hero, and have helped people. There is nothing wrong with dying peacefully, I would just rather not. If I had the choice, I would choose to be heroic, and not die, but in this case, you have to die one way or another. One other reason is because natural causes are usually way more dragged out. Weeks or months of being ill. In the case of the violent, yet heroic death, it is probably more quick and less painful, depending on the situation.

  • To honor my family

    Hell yeah i'll die fighting for my country. No matter what the situation. If you die of natural causes you won't be able you son or dauter or anyone really remember you as a hero. I wnat to be remembered as a bad-ass hero who fought and fought and never stopped until my very last breath.

  • Yes! I would be a hero!

    I'd much rather die as a hero! Wou;d you rather die and everybody would be thanking you for what you did?! Or would you rather them just cry because you died. Sure it would be better to die peacefully, but don't you want to be a hero! Be a hero!

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