Would you rather die than deny your faith/ideology?

Asked by: justin.graves
  • It isn't just an idea, its the truth. It's my life.

    I am a Christian. I am fascinated by stories of Christian from times past and now showing such amazing amounts of faith and courage to die for what they believe. Radical Atheists, Communists, Radical Muslims, Radical Hindus, or whoever else, they can do whatever they want to me, and I would not deny God. He died for me, the least I can do is die for Him.

  • I Will Not Support The Growth of Delusion

    Humanity has no purpose in itself. We need to find our own purpose. And therefore, if we abandon our beliefs and morals, we lose all our purpose and revert back into animals. The debate is as simply put as that. And if anyone is wondering, yes, I am an atheist.

  • Life is temporary but faith it eternal

    We are only on this earth for a short while, what happens after that should be of great concern to us. If we deny our faith to live on earth a little longer we may just give up our chance to live forever in Heaven with God. Why sacrifice eternity for a few years.

    Posted by: Wmdu
  • Yes. I couldn't live knowing I had denied God.

    One of my strongest beliefs is that you must Fight for what you believe in. No matter what. If it means dying for my faith, then yes. I wont give up my faith if my life is at risk. If, God help me, I ever do feel like I'm losing faith, it would be of my own accord, not because my life is in danger. Faith is one of the only things a man has. What have you lived by, if not for your beliefs? You should die believing in what you've lived for.

  • I just think that if we do not have the right to think freely, than I would fight for the right

    What makes humans very special and unique from one another is that they hold different values and beliefs that they choose to believe in. To be forced to change your ideology in the face of death means that we are denied a right, which makes life not worth living at all. I remember how many people were being 'retaught' other peoples values forcibly, or they will die otherwise.

  • I'm more or less secular, and I'd die defending my rights

    Faith and ideologies usually mean, but aren't limited to, religious beliefs and ideologies. However, it could mean political, or simply philosophical beliefs and ideologies. Either way, I would die defending my right to believe what I believe, as well as the rights of others to believe what they believe. I would die defending the rights of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Secular/Atheists and everyone in between, because I would be defending the same principal that the founders fought to uphold. No one can force you to believe something you don't believe. Period. And I would rather die than be forced to believe in one ideology, even if I believed in it to begin with.

  • My Faith is My Reality.

    All of us will die, whether we deny our beliefs or not. Christianity gives me hope for life after death. If I deny my faith, I lose the very thing I need to face death and life. Also, Jesus promises that He will be with us till the end,even when faced with death. Physical life is temporary but spiritual life is eternal. Spiritual death is eternal but physical death is just a door to eternal life.

  • I'd gladly die in the name of my God.

    I would rather be hated, tortured, and killed for who I am than loves, respected, and admired for who I'm not. One day soon, non believers will try to put limitations or outright ban my religion. To get me to stop going to church they would have to burn them all down and place cameras in my house to make sure I didn't open one there. To get me to stop praying, they would have to cut out my tongue. To get me to put down my bible, they would have to pry it from my cold dead hands. Christianity will not go down without a fight.

  • I would die first

    After all I've experienced, learned, and felt, I would never deny Jesus no matter what the cost. If from something as small as calling me stupid for believing or holding a gun to my head I would not renounce Him. If He did die for me, and for everyone else who believes, then my death is infinitely smaller than what He did for me.

  • Why Should I Fear Death?

    I'm going to say yes, as a Christian. And not, as some of the opposition have tried to address, because I'm scared God will reject me if I reject him on earth. I'm sure it could happen that I would be tortured to such a level that I would do anything - including renounce him - just to make the pain stop. But it's not talking about torture, it's talking about death.
    Torture wouldn't be fair, because no matter how strong you think you are, you will say anything and everything after a while. But being threatened with death? Maybe I don't want to die right then, especially if it'll be painful. But why would I be afraid of death? Death is where I get to spend eternity in heaven. So not that scary, at all.
    If you don't have enough loyalty to your faith or belief to face some inconvenience, or to die for it, then it's not your belief. It's just a hobby, and a pretty stupid one, because you're not going to get anything out of it.

  • Are you kidding me?

    I'd deny my faith even to avoid minor inconvenience. In fact, I often find myself agreeing to all kinds of stuff (or at least nodding and smiling) to avoid socially awkward moments. Especially when people are so emphatic that they spit when they're talking. I wouldn't dream of arguing with someone like that. Is that wrong?

  • If you were tortured will you still be composed?

    No I think I would renounce him because in the end he died to save us all, right? So if you are being tortured to renounce him in the world he created, what kind of father spiritual or not would put any of his kids through that? Would anyone be that gung ho if someone was torturing you like in the Inquisition?

  • I consider myself a Catholic and I say no.

    I was raised a Catholic, became atheist at one point and now believe in God 100%. If somebody however, put a bullet to my head and told me to renounce God or he would put a bullet through my head. I would deny God. Afterwards, I would cry and pray for His forgiveness for my weakness, go to confession, etc. Etc. I am no saint, and I do not pretend to be. I have contemplated suicide before, but I feel God wished me to live whenever those black thoughts consumed me. I would hope that God would not condemn me to Hell when I die of old age many years later over that one incident.

  • Only pigheaded people die for false beliefs.

    A belief is simply what 'you think is true', and is distinct from what is true. It is not always moral to die for your beliefs, especially if you know they are wrong or are ill-supported; if that be the case, then you need to kill your belief, not yourself, as it is destructive to the aspiration of acquiring truth that we all share.

  • It doesnt mean anything

    Some torture is too horrible to think about, and if you went through that, most would do anything to stop it. Also, it doesnt matter what you say as long as you still believe in your true religion. Its actions you should worry about it. And, if your God damned to hell or where ever the bad people go because you were tortured horrificly, then who would want to worship that God?

  • I see no point in dying for my ideology or faith

    Firstly, I do not have a religious faith and dying for atheism would be kind of silly.

    Dying for my political views and so forth would be rather silly too imo. While that might get me the status of a matyr, it would hardly do my own position any good as a dead democrat is worth less than a democrat who might not be allowed to show his ideology but still possesses it and can, if the time is right, fight for it.

  • Well, not really

    I'm some kind of atheist, so I'd lose nothing in denying my atheism, and I value life over nothing, so logically, I'd rather deny my ideology than die. I reckon that any other person in this situation would say yes, but hey, that's just me. To conclude, I say no.

  • Life, no matter how bad, is better than death

    Simply denying my view will not prevent me from attempting to continue as normal. I am not an expert, but I believe that the purpose of Yom Kippur, an important jewish festival, is atoning for denying your faith, as opposed to mass suicide. Also I believe that I have a responsibility for myself as I am perceived by others, part of the reason I consider my appearance important and the reason I would not abandon my family. I have a responsibility to others that overcomes my faith, because their faith and wellbeing is equally important.

  • Humanist valued human life.

    There is nothing beyond human life, human life is absolute, human life is sacred. To die for any other purpose but your own life is a great insult to your own value as a man. Doesn't matter how many you can save or how righteous you can demonstrated. It jut prove that the value of your life in inferior to the people you saved and/or idea you protected.

  • Keeping living as a top priority and being able to enjoy the human experience

    I may seem to have a lack of conviction, but I do believe that nothing is work dying for. The human experience is really all that we have in life, so it has to be our job and duty to ourselves to preserve it. What other people choose to do with their lives does not concern me, but when it comes down to it, I could not give my life for a cause that stands against my ability to pursue the pleasures of my own life.

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philochristos says2013-03-10T06:56:04.287
I can't answer yes or no because it depends on how I'd die. If I could die quickly and painlessly, I'd be willing to do that rather than deny my faith. But if it's torture we're talking about (e.g. burning at the stake), then I'd probably deny my faith. I wouldn't stop believing it, of course. I don't think I could just choose to stop believing it. But I'd probably pretend to stop believing it. I'm not saying it's right. I'm just admitting that I'm a wuss when it comes to suffering.
justin.graves says2013-03-17T12:43:39.390
And this question shows why so many more Christians die during persecution than Atheists...