Would you rather have a genie to help you or have a million dollars yes =genie no=million dollars

  • Are you serious?

    With a genie, in one wish you could have more than a million dollars. If you think about it, you could have unlimited money? An what would be the point if you could just wish that you got everything for free? I'm a bit confused. I think people are confused, since genies aren't real. Well, the question is what would you choose, not which one is real. You can wish for more genies, or more wishes, and if you are paranoid, just wish for the genie to leave you alone until you want to make more wishes. Don't mean to hate on ideas, I'm just sharing my thoughts.

  • Just ask for money?

    All you need to do is ask the genie to legally add billion dollars to your bank account or something, there’s no real reason to choose the money.

    Plus genies give you 3 wishes so you have a whole host of options to chose from if you pick genie .

  • Get Real World

    If Genies were real, I would definitely have one. You could just wish for a genie. Honestly people, THINK, for once in a lifetime. Then again genies aren't real so don't take what I said as an insult. Without thinking we wouldn't have America. (Mic drop, mic drop BAM! Anyone else an Army? GO BTS!! I appreciate you Exo!)

  • Genies aren't what they seem...

    Genies originate from Arabian and Islamic texts and we're actually called Jinn, demonic spirits and a lower class of angels.
    "Jinn delight in punishing humans for any harm done them, intentionally or unintentionally, and are said to be responsible for many diseases and all kinds of accidents." - Britannica. According to Muslim beliefs, Jinn have the power of free will- unlike Disney's Aladdin, where Genie is a magical but enslaved creature within a lamp, who must do his master's bidding. This concept would actually be founded by Antoinne Galland, a Frenchman who translated the original story of Aladdin from "the Arabian Nights," the ancient collection of Arabian stories.
    The point I seek to make is that genies are misunderstood. In essence, a genie that is true to ancient and religious text from Muslims and Arabians would have the ability to chose whether or not to give you these wishes, how many you receive, etc. Personally, I would rather take a guaranteed monetary value, rather than potential wishes from a demonic spirit.
    As always, I am happy to debate this with anyone who's willing. Thanks for the read and have a good week everyone!

  • GUYS I don't know about you but I don't like Magic

    I think genies are really wierd and a million dollars $$$$$$$ 🤑Is rich but I feel sick around magic so choose NO PLS!!! Also you can buy hundreds of things like a Lamborghini anyways I dunno how much a Lamborghini cost tell me in the comments thingy and I think genies are a bit lame and what if you get caught with a genie and what if he tricks you??

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