Would you rather have a sales tax than an income tax?

  • Probably a sales tax

    When it comes to that of a sales tax people are less likely going to think about paying a tax when it comes to things. Compared to that of income tax when people look at their pay checks they see how much money is being taking out of their checks so often.

  • Sales Tax Better Than Income Tax

    In my opinion, I would rather have a sales tax as opposed to having an income tax. When a person makes money, he or she feels very tired after working so many hours. After feeling this way, the government takes a large percentage of the money. It would be much better to pay tax after purchasing something, as it will just increase the price a little bit.

  • Favor Income Tax

    If I had a choice, I would rather have a income tax over a sales tax. America has both, so I don't generally get the opportunity to pick one or the other because I'm forced to pay both. I find sales tax annoying and inconveinent. If not for sales tax it would be easy to drop the penny from production.

  • Sales taxes hurt the poor

    Sales taxes affect the poorest people far more than they affect wealthy individuals. If you are a poor person who lives paycheck to paycheck and spend almost all of your income then you will be taxed on all of your income. A wealthy individual who saves half their income would get that half of their income tax free. It would increase the deficit and make life harder for the poorest people in America.

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