Would you rather live in the Star Wars Universe (Pro) or the Lord of The Rings Universe (Con)

Asked by: Idiosyncratic
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  • Obviously star wars

    Now I may not have seen Lord of the Rings and I'm not a complete dumbass but as Idiosyncratic said, Star wars is in space, vast, interesting and a just great world. Its like GTA but real if you were there. Just watch the film and think of what else is there.

  • Star Wars is vast and interesting, with multiple career options

    My dream as a kid has always been to get me some Mandalorian Armor, twin cycling laser pistols (preferably purple or white energy projectiles) and a good particle sniper rifle. Going around slotting politicians in a futuristic galaxy filled with custom starships, vivid planets, and personal independence as a bounty hunter is just the Star Wars dream for me. LoTR is cool and all, but if I could choose a Universe other than my own to be a part of, it would definitely be a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. This may be because humans can relate more to a scenario that is actually possible in the future, rather than a world filled with magic. Maybe its just me. MANDALORE PREVAILS.

  • Lord of the rings

    They have gandalf and bilbo bagins but my favorite is legolas and the other elves. In star wars the people were just people from now in the future. The life in middle earth was alot more interesting than in the world of starwars. That is why i chose middle earth

  • Lord of the Rings.

    The sense of adventure is too great in Middle Earth. I would love to live in Shire. Its peaceful, people are friendly, and they have a lot of cool food. Unless I was a jedi, I wouldn't want to live in the Star Wars universe. Its pretty much earth 900 years from now.

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