Would you rather live in the virtual world (yes) or the real world (no)?

  • What is real anyway?

    I believe that a virtual world is the best way to go. I've read some other answers in support of living in the "real" world, saying that "real" experiences are better, and that you have "control" in the real world while in the virtual one you do not. Yet, they do not seem to understand clearly that those two previous statements contradict each other. There is absolutely NO Control whatsoever in the "real" world; it is all an illusion we are fed up with since childhood, like some kind of golden dream that we can achieve at any moment. Nothing can ever be farther from the truth, as nothing can ever be more chaotic and spontaneous than the "real" physical world - our UNIVERSE, which is ruled by the laws of physics (quantum mechanics and thermodynamics). If you were to create a virtual world in which you could transfer you consciousness and FEEL EVERYTHINGS just as real as the "real" world, then why wouldn't you do it? And the virtual world should be able to be programmed to the will of the player, in which case it would mean a "reality" with REAL control. What is real anyway?

  • Things would be better in a fake world

    The current world is all corrupt and greedy, money orientated. I would rather live in a fake world than the current one, if an event like sao anime ever happened and i knew it was going to happen i would still put on the headset because i am the happy when i lose touch with reality. Even if i die because of that choice.

  • I would rather live in the real world.

    I would rather live in the real world. Being in the real world allows you to experience real things, which is an under valued experience amongst some these days. You are in control of your own live, unlike in the virtual world, where strange, unpredictable things can happen and you many no longer be in control.

  • The real world is usually better

    I will admit, I've played some MMORPG's in my time. They can be very exhilarating, but you have to know when it's time to turn it all off. Enjoying nature, and all the beautiful wonders that our real world has to offer cannot be matched by binary code. The real world has much more to offer most of the time, but virtual worlds can be fun to play, in moderation.

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