Would you rather shop at Wal-Mart (yes) or Target (no)?

  • I would probablyrather shop at Wal-mart.

    I would probably rather shop at Wal-mart for pricing purposes.They offer a wide variety of products at the best possible price.Even if another store offers a deal that they choose to advertise Wal-mart will match the price so you can get the lowest prices,no matter where the deals are in town.

  • Actually I hate big box stores.

    That being said, Wal*Mart is the worst example of exploitation of workers and the government dole in US history. I abhor their business model and yet, people keep running to them like it is a fix of black tar to a junkie. Their crap is not that cheap, their stores are nasty and run poorly, and they constantly have employee/customer incidences. Wal*Mart also, ruins small town business, and usually suffocates an already dead town to nothing. Target is just a half of an upgrade from Wal*Mart, they both suck.

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