Would You Rather Stay In Dubai Or California? Green Dubai and Red California

Asked by: TheCleetus
  • Obvisiouly Dubai ! Is that even a question ?

    Dubai was rated the best cities to live and work in during 2014. Also, it is a center for shopping and it has sick beaches and hotels. The only think California has is girls with really short shorts. Duabi has many beautiful places to visit like the tallest building in the world and also the biggest shopping mall in the world.

  • Nope. Not even close.

    I have to say, Dubai's tourist attractions are amazing, especially the Palm Islands. It is a good place to spend a vacation, but I won't stay in there.

    I'd rather stay here in California. The weather is great, the people are great(mostly), and there are A LOT of good places in here (good jobs too). Joshua Tree National Park, Huntington Library, Redwood National Park, Yosemite National Park. These are places you'd want to visit if you come to California. And not only these, there's a lot more.

    Snow boarding in Boreal.
    Surfing in Malibu.
    Swimming in Laguna Beach.
    Hiking in Muir Woods.
    Camping in Yosemite.
    Kayaking in Lake Tahoe.
    Night Life in San Francisco/LA.
    Shopping in SF/LA.

    There's actually too much to even mention it in this comment.

  • California is beast!

    Dude Who Wouldn't Eant To Go Out On A Sunny Day And Be Out On The Beach Rather Than Staying In A Big City With The Smell Of Cigarette Smoke Everywhere! You Probably Would Say That California Has Big Cities, But You Wouldn't Have To Stay In Them, You Could Stay In Encinitas Or Carlsbad!

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