Would you rather work three twelve-hour days (yes) or five seven- to eight-hour days (no)?

  • Yes, I would rather work three long days than a long week.

    Many people spend more of their time at work than with their family. After coming home, most people are too tired anyway, to spend quality time with their loved one's or themselves. A longer work day would provide people with an extended period of leisure hours with which they could do as they please.

  • longer days are the way to go!

    With cild care being a issue for most Americans I think that being able to work only three days a week even though it is longer would be worth while. With most families having to have both parents work you could set your days off opposite so that you could always have someone home with the kids. This would save me personally hundreds of dollars a month and make it more worth while for mothers to go out and work.

  • Three 12 hr days work for me.

    Oh in a perfect world the 12hr 3 day schedule would prevail. I feel once you are at work four more hours is really not a big deal. To some it may be catastrophic, but the thought of having 2 full days off make so much sense to me. As Americans I think we are lazy on a whole, and that would add to the pressure of implementing such a plan.

  • No to the twelve

    I don't think my body could handle working that much! I have two children, and I am a single mama. The off days would be awesome, but I would miss my babies so much if I was gone 12 hours a day for three days. That would be aweful for us.

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