• Re-elect Bill Clinton

    Yes, I would you re-elect Bill Clinton as president today if given the chance. I think he did a good job at the time running our country. With the exception of his personal needs he had the economy in a good place and would probably benefit us now to getting things back on track. To many instant rich people who have never been poor trying to run this place we need a poor person turned rich to take over they have lived with nothing and know how to get everything.

  • Even though I love America but I still love bill Clinton

    Do you know that bill Clinton is better than brack obma and this a another great opportunity for mr. Clinton if he becomes president of America I would say Bill Clinton is back he's back he actually back to his normal self will guss what he's back already he rocking America.

  • Yes, I would.

    Bill Clinton was not a perfect president, but he was better than many of the other potential candidates. I would prefer to have a Hillary presidency, but since this question is about Bill, then I would have to say that I would vote for him again. Our economy was awesome while he was president.

  • He's a liar

    This guy is in the top 10 for worst presidents ever. I'm tired of this "Oh but our economy was so great when he was president". WHO CARES!? Like he lied on television and insisted that he did not cheat on his wife even though we have strong proof. And then we re-elect him. I'm sick and tired of Americans being so stupid. If you support either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton then you're just plan stupid. And if you would re-elect Bill Clinton, then you're insane

  • No, I would not re-elect Bill Clinton as president today if given the chance.

    Bill Clinton looks so good to so many people in hindsight. Many presidents have the same appeal when years go by and their actions don't seem to be as harsh as when they were made. The fact is that the US needs a conservative turn. We are not able to continue to spend money like the liberals want. Another 4 years of mainstream media oozing over a under-achieving liberal may drive all conservatives to the point of no return.

  • Bill Clinton governed because of a wave of prosperity.

    Bill Clinton came to office during a time of prosperity and relative peace in the world as compared to other times, but he did not cause the prosperity of the 90s nor can he be given credit for it. The mistakes made in prosecuting Al Quida and in Somalia should be sufficient to show he was lucky, not necessarily a good governor.

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