• Yes, I would ride a bus fueled by human waste

    I'm an avid recycler and by no means do I live in a shack in the woods surrounded by my own junk. However, if there was a way for the environment to extract the human waste found in our drainage systems and turn them into something useful besides whatever they normally do with it, then I wouldn't mind riding a bus fueled by human waste. Assuming, of course, that they take care of the odor problem.

  • Yes, I would ride that bus.

    Yes, I would ride on a bus fueled by human waste. I think that is a great idea because instead of putting all the human waste that is produced everyday in our oceans, why not use it to power something like a bus. I don't even know why this hasn't been thought of before if we could power poo things before.

  • Using Human Waste as Fuel is A Great Renewable Energy Source.

    Assuming the bus is fueled in a hygienic way, the passengers would not even be able to tell it was being run on human waste. Using waste as an energy source has many benefits. It is renewable and does not pollute the environment with chemicals. Human waste needs to be disposed of whether it is used for anything or not, so why not do something beneficial with it?

  • Yes! - I already have!

    I live in Bristol, UK, and have actually ridden the "Poo Bus" which between Bath and Bristol Airport. The bus is fueled by our food waste, as well as "human" waste. It didn't feel, or smell any different. I would have no hesitation on riding again in the future! The only negative point is the amount of waste you need per mile the bus travels.

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