Would you say Northwest Front and Stormfront are different?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Well, technically they are different

    Of course they are different, but they do hold many similar traits. In so far as their goal and agendas, which is why people say they are the same. When someone says they are the same thing, they do not mean literally the same, but just that they are extremely similar.

  • Northwest Front is free of the bigotry and elitism of Stormfront

    Here's the thing. Stormfront was founded by a Klan member (hence possibly of PURITAN, imperialistic tendencies of the English and Danish empires). Northwest front wasn't from a Klansman, but from a neo-Nazi. Germany, at the time of the Nazis, was not puritan the way England or Denmark were during time when Queen Victoria was the monarch. Big difference. Northwest Front, though you may not agree with what they do, are probably more likable people than the unlikable d--kheads at Stormfront.

  • At their core values-no.

    They are both highly racist organizations whose goal is white supremacy and separatism. Northwest front, who the poster claims to be "free of bigotry", refers to having sex with a non-white as an "abomination" in their "Bill of Responsibilities". In fact, they even refer to contact with non-whites as an "abomination".

    No bigotry, my backside. Trying to claim that the fact that they don't use racial slurs means they aren't racist is nonsense. Slapping lipstick on a pig doesn't make it a supermodel.

  • Bigotry is uniform.

    All organisations that promote a 'white aryan nation' are homogeneous. Their members are all stupid white nationalist knuckle draggers and are devoid of any rational or intelligent thought. However, there is a difference in terms of format. Stormfront is a forum where people who have larger pituitary glands than the left side of their brains post their poorly-researched fabrications for all the world to see or laugh at. Northwest Front appears to be some sort of Israeli-style colonisation mission to the Pacific Northwest, based on the principle that 'the only way in which the white race can survive is to emigrate to the Pacific Northwest', a laughable principle in itself. The people that go on them both are the same paranoid white nationalists who think that the amount of melanin a person has determines their personality and intelligence. They are both disgusting people who do not deserve the dignity of having their points of view taken seriously.

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