Would you say people who commit suicide are weak people?

Asked by: cjchang
  • Depression may be a brain state but so is what we conceptualize as "weakness"

    I wouldn't say that it's necessarily true that all people who commit suicide are weak, but it is often true.

    Everything happens in the brain, so we can't say that because the person has depression therefore they were not weak. They were mentally/emotionally weak and gave up. Depression is by definition a form of emotional weakness even if it is an illness.

    But what many people don't realize in spite of recent scientific findings that prove it is that the brain can and does change. It even shows changes during and after activities where people essentially endeavor to change how they think and feel. Monks practicing meditation show changes in brain scans. People instructed to focus on happy things or sad things show different changes. Talk therapy shows changes in the brain, and a recent study even suggested that depending on the results of a brain scan some people with depression would do better with talk therapy and others would do better with medication. Drugs aren't special in their ability to affect brain chemistry/our minds, human interaction can do that too. And discussing the human side of what is making us feel the way we do is better and will get a person further than discussing the neurochemistry. It is not an either or thing. They always occur side by side, but we aren't wired to deal with our emotions by talking about the mechanics of what's going on in our brains, we are wired through evolution since prehistory to deal with them with human concepts like "love", "loss", "success", "failure".

    Some people may well decide not to commit suicide because they want to be stronger, and it's at least a start in that direction, I would say a big start to decide that you want to keep going on in spite of emotional pain. It also shows wisdom if part of the reason is that you know the future will likely be different.

  • I think it all depends on their individual circumstances

    Generalizing that people who turn to suicide are weak is wrong. So much is being assumed when such a claim is being made. We don't know for sure how much the person has tried to make life better for him/herself in different ways. We don't know how much suffering they have been through. We have no understanding of the full extent of the problems they may be facing. I believe we have all been depressed before at some point in life. Most of us, surely. And it is a huge gap between being depressed and actually performing the act of committing suicide, we will find. Things would mostly have stretched to the extent of being insalvageable, with the person having no one to turn to, for him/her to have chosen suicide. Every suicide case is unique. We cannot and must not attempt to generalize about these people unless we can say for sure we wouldn't do the same in that exact situation.

    Now, I have posted this opinion poll because I have just read some disturbing suggestion that people who commit suicide are not good people who we want in our society. Quote "People who can’t cope with depression/reality and kill themselves, are not 'better people'." I read it in the debate on this very website "Females are better people than males." Disturbed is just the most apt word to describe how I feel after reading that argument. The writer seems to put himself on a higher pedestal just because he is in a situation which wouldn't compel him to turn to suicide. It doesn't give him a right to attempt to determine whether people who turn to suicide are good people deserving to live in our community or not.

  • No, it's very judgmental

    People who commit suicide aren't "weak" IMHO. Some people can't cope anymore, and no one seems to give a crap about how they feel. Therefore, they see suicide as the only way to end the pain.
    There's such a big stigma around mental disorders, and it needs to stop. We can't help having mental illnesses. It's not like we "asked" for them to happen. Stop judging and calling people weak because you don't know the full story!!

  • The Mentally Ill are amongst the toughest and most resilient people of all.

    The Mentally Ill often endure hardship for years that would easily break most people. Often, people who commit suicide have suffered from years or decades of suffering with their illness, and simply can't cope and endure the pain any more. Secondly, ending your own life is not an easy act or easy decision - it goes against the natural self preservation instinct and requires great determination and dare I even say "bravery" in itself.

  • Mental Illness is not a character flaw

    The vast majority of people who commit suicide are suffering from a mental illness, and many either cannot or will not seek help. This is a failure on the medical system, not on the character of the person. We would not say someone with other neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer's Disease, is weak because we understand that the problem is a fault in the brain's internal working. Mental illness and suicide should be treated like any other neurological disorder.

  • Not Even Close

    These people who commit suicide have been trying to make their lives better for who knows how long. If they think that suicide is the only option there is left, after trying not to do it for the sake of everyone else's feelings, they seem like they would be very touch people

  • This is an offensive and ignorant stance

    To say this is very judgmental and unfair. Some people have such horrible diseases, either/both mental and physical, that death is often a relief. Ultimately, each person must decide for themselves if life is worth living. No one can know the pain another person is experiencing, even family members or close friends.

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shalal12 says2015-04-11T19:41:37.630
Ignoring their style of life, i should say yes they are weak people. They were in fact hopeless and losing the hope is the habit of weak people
haloman1999 says2015-04-13T19:09:31.347
I dont see how anyone can kill themselfs just becuse someone called them names, hell evan a whole school calling you names isnt reson to kill your self. It seems kinda selfish to kill yourself too.