Would you say Sean Connery was the best James Bond?

Asked by: DestroyingAngel
  • I think so...

    I do honestly think that he was the greatest of all the actors to have portrayed James Bond. I think he has a certain flair that he adds to James Bond...And although throughout the years, each James Bond has added something different (e.G. Pierce Brosnan was smooth, Robert Redford was sharp) I think Sean Connery has blended these types in his acting.
    Also...How can you not like Sean Connery?! Plus I think his face was unique when portraying James Bond, so now people almost never forget his face.

  • Without Connery, There's No Craig

    Without Sean Connery starting out as James Bond, subsequent movies about the character would have failed. Daniel Craig wouldn't be the superstar he is today without Connery's take on the superspy from Ian Fleming's popular novels. No one can match Connery's confidence with international affairs and panache with the ladies.

  • No he wasn't

    No I would not say that Sean Connery was the best actor who played the role of James Bond because he cannot fully succeeded in completing the job as well as the actor who played the role of James Bond in the movies like The Golden Eye, Die Another Day etc further I couldn't remember his name. He has done his job more praiseworthy than Sean Connery He has shown us somewhat the real image of the great spy James Bond. He has been more succeeded in his films than those performed by Sean Connery.

  • Brosnan is BOND

    Pierce Brosnan was the perfect James Bond and it is his films I can watch over and over again. He had the perfect mix of sophistication and humour, humour was over done by Roger Moore. Timothy daulton too serious and George Lazenby just never got it right in any way, his accent was so fake also.
    As for daniel Craig, he is a good actor but James Bond? Never! He looks like a builder with no class.
    So as the Perfect Bond, Brosnan wins hands down in my opionion.
    Sean Connery comes a close second though.

    Posted by: lesn

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