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  • Beauty pageants do more harm than good

    Our country is very diverse and some people take advantage of nice things. Beauty pageants are just one of the many activities our diverse country has to offer. Fame can get to people. The people that fame catches in it's clutches can sometimes be helpful but also can create rich, Famous snobs that think they are better than everyone else. You see this most happening to young kids at a very young age. People exposed to endless (at least to a child) recognition at a young age can have issues like maybe even homicide to keep their popularity, On their mind and other dangerous things that could happen when they are losing popularity.

  • They do more harm.

    They make girls believe they aren't worth anything if they don't win and they cost loads of money such as the dresses and entry fees. Both of these can drain the mothers paycheck along with all the gas travel cost. In my personal opinion, pageants do more harm than good.

  • Yes! Its wrong

    Beauty pageants make young girls think that if they don't win they are ugly or fat. It makes their self- esteem plummet. Also makes them think that if they don't go and get their makeup, or hair, or get plastic surgery nobody will like them. Like they aren't a part of the " cool group "

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  • There is no most and least pretty

    Beauty contestants are not the prettiest women in the world but maybe the hottest. Beauty contests promote artificial beauty and made natural beauty obsolete. Beauty contests promote hotness and made the virtue of modesty obsolete. Natural beauty and modesty was the true happiness, being phase-out like typewriters. We changed our CFL into LED lamp in order to save money. But women changed their lifestyle for nothing but the worst false happiness, that can psychologically destroy lives of innocent people, women becoming artificial and hot and men becoming sex addicts.

    Prettiness is always a positive,but the truth, hotness is negative and a bad influence.

  • Appearance is more powerful than voice

    Their appearance harm everyone psychologically and what they say is worthless because of their artificial and immodest appearance. Many of us don't follow when someone orders us to do a wrong thing like bullying someone but many of us can be tempt and objectify others is a sin, even just in mind. Sexual objectification can't end with just words. If women are not sex objects they must prove that they are not, by being natural and true modest.

  • Beauty Pageants do more harm than good.

    A Lot of young teenage girls are starving themself and their parents are using too many money and they got broke.They also have surgery to make them self beautiful for unnecessary and harming their own body.Because of surgeries they have fake face,fake hair,and fake body.It only show that you just interest only being beautiful but you are pretty the way you are.You dont need to do beauty pageants just to be pretty.

  • Yes I agree

    Think about it this way. A beauty pageant says" Beauty is everything who needs a brain or a heart". People in beauty pageants often tend to think too highly of themselves and end up only being liked for looks. On the other hand People who get a proper education and are considerate are happier in life.

  • Beauty Pageants cause lots of troubles.

    As a child who was in pageants growing up, i finally told my mother tat i didn't want to be in them anymore. I won a lot, but i also lost a lot. I used o be a very confident and courageous person, as i started growing older and i started going through puberty, I started to get very self conscious. To this day, i have horrible social anxiety and body image issues. I just hate that many girls to come are going to have these same issues, and girls and women should not be judged on looks.

  • It dosent cause harm

    Beauty Pageants do not cause harm, it may cause stress but they do not cause harm. Pageants are fun and a cool experience, you just need be up for that experience. The dress and shoes may be expensive, but it's worth spending all that money. I love pageants, and i hope that you feel the same way. If you haven't experienced a pageant before, i think you should give it a try, even if you are shy!

  • No, i don't think so at all!

    Beauty is basically part of every girls life. Wether you're a dancer or just wear it on a daily basis, its used every day by thousands. You have to admit- you love getting glamoured up every once in a while and be made a fuss of, don't you?! Everyone that has either been a part of one or watched one can say that its a fun day out for everyone and theres nothing at all harmful about it!

  • Beauty pageants give the contestants recognition that they can use for the betterment of themselves and everyone around them.

    The recognition that the pageants give to the young people is like a blessing. They can establish themselves further with its help and even do something for the community. Many have used this recognition to become successful fashion designers and actresses. Many even use this to promote rights and humanity. So how is it harming anything?

  • I think beauty pageants do more harm than good.

    I think that beauty pageants do more harm than good, but not much. I only believe that because I do not see any benefit to beauty pageants at all in terms of helping society. It can cause harm though by making some women think that they need to act and look a certain way.

  • No, I don't think beauty pagents do more harm then good.

    I think overall beauty pageants are something to be enjoyed, the contestants enjoy doing them and the spectators enjoy watching them, overall I think everyone involved in the beauty pageant scene enjoys it and sees no harm in it, I don't see why a event like this would be harmful to someone.

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