• Yes, I think North Carolinas budget is a proper model for states to follow.

    North Carolina's budget is a sensible budget that does not try to spend massive amounts of money that spends money in sensible places while keeping taxes on everything very low, this spurs economic development as well as forces state agencies to be more efficient with the funds that they do receive.

  • It is balanced.

    Yes, I would say that North Carolina is a proper model for state budgets, because they are offering a balanced budget for the next few years. Governor McCrory has spent great time and attention on coming up with a budget that is balanced. He is not afraid to make cuts, even over public pressure.

  • Yes, North Carolina is a proper model state for budgets.

    I think that North Carolina is a proper model state for budgets. I think that they have done a good job of governing their finances and local economy. I think that while they are one of the best models in terms fo proper budgetin for a state, they are not the only one.

  • Is this the model

    North Carolina has a pretty good model for state budgets but the state that is the best model for state budgets is Texas. The governor and the state politicians work well together and know how to make a budget that is good for the citizens of the state and big business.

  • No, the North Carolina budget is not a model for other states.

    There are two primary problems with the North Carolina state budget. The first is that it has grown faster than state revenues. North Carolina is currently carrying a debt of nearly $100 million. The state receives 35% of its revenue from the federal government (by no means the worst in the country, but not particularly great either). The second problem with the NC state budget is that it is not transparent enough. The public can get access to the total budgets for each state agency, but they cannot view line item expenses.

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