• Its a thumb NOT a finger!

    I googled it and here is what it said..
    The thumb has a different name compared to the other fingers (index, middle, ring, little) and it does not end with "finger". Also, when referring to the hand, I have seen literature where it is described as "5 digits on each hand" and that is probably more accurate.

  • Thumb a finger

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  • The thumb IS a finger

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  • 3 joints, opposable, has a nail, is on the hand.

    Just like the fingers, it has three joints. One at the end, one where it meets the hand, and one closer to the wrist. It is also opposable, like every other finger. Also like all other fingers, it has a nail at the end of it, which grows similarly to the other fingers. And, it is placed on the hand, and is used for the same thing every other finger is used for. It is exactly like other fingers, therefore it must be one.

  • Despite the different joints the thumb is still a digit, and still from the root word fingi.

    Hands down the thumb is a finger. Many say that the thumb is different but the thumb is just a unique part of your hand, our bodies were made in a certain way. The differences are disconnected when you realize that they both have FINGER nails. You have five fingers on each hand, not FOUR!!!!!!!!!

  • I think it is

    We use the thumb to do the same thing we use every other finger. I read somebody's thing saying that a thumb is necessary or something. Nope I can pick up food play video games pick up a cup. I can do all of this not using a thumb if I can do this I can do a lot of other things.

  • Not terribly distinct

    The thumb extends from the hand and is used in concert with other fingers to manipulate things. If there were not other fingers on the hand, it would not be opposable. Human thumbs are more like the rest of the fingers than they are to the fingers that frogs or birds, for example, have. Yet frogs and birds are also considered to have fingers, even though the may not even have four at all.

  • Of Course The Thumb's a Finger!

    People might think that a thumb is different just because it has different bone structure/alignment. Now just because the thumb has two phalanges instead of three phalanges like the other fingers, doesn't make it less of a finger. All of our fingers are opposable, as in capable of being flexed, no matter how many phalanges it has. Now the bone structure is only one thing that's different. Now there are other factors that are to be applied as well to finally declare if the thumb is a finger or not, such as the skin and tissue. All fingers (including the thumb) are used to touch, now when they touch the water and stay in their for a long time, they all wrinkle, notice how it's just the finger tips wrinkling, not the rest of your skin. This is caused by the blood vessels constricting in response to water exposure, all of these fingers are due to signalling by the sympathetic nervous system. Also, all of the fingers are represented on the cerebral cortex in the somatosensory cortex (of your brain), so they are all controlled by the same part of the brain. One might think that because the thumb doesn't have the word "finger" in the name, therefore the thumb can't be called a finger (index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinkie finger, and thumb)! But just because the word "thumb" isn't followed by "finger", it doesn't mean that the thumb isn' t a finger; the word "finger" is just synonymous to the word "digit", each of our fingers are just digits, our palms have 5 digits extending out of it. In latin, all of the fingers are called "digitus". Thumb="digitus I manus", index="digitus II manus, middle=digitus III manus, ring=digitus IIII manus, pinkie=digitus IIIII manus; this means that all of the fingers (including the thumb) are called digits, in other words, it means that they are all fingers! But going back to the fact that the thumb has only two phalanges instead of three, now just because the thumb has a different bone structure than the other fingers, it doesn't mean that the thumbs isn't a finger. Take the big toe for example, it has the same bone structure as the thumb (with two phalanges), but it is still called a toe, (with the name "toe" in the title) even though it has a different bone structure than the other toes, just like the thumb compared to the other fingers. But the bone structure doesn't matter, because the big toe is still called a toe, so it would be illogical for the thumb not to be a finger just because of the bone structure, because it doesn't apply to the big toe!

  • My argument is simple.

    Most people say the thumb is not a finger, but here is my reasoning.

    One, grammar does not dictate what is or isn't, since the English language is so flawed. We should use science, not grammar, to determine this case.

    Second, if you bring up the "less joints and phalanges" argument, then if someone was born where their pinkies were built just like thumbs, would you still call them fingers?

    Thirdly and finally, the thumb is still, scientifically, a digit. Just like the toes on your feet, a healthy, normal human being has twenty digits overall. It doesn't matter what amount of joints and phalanges of, you still have five digits, or fingers, on your hand.

  • Yes it is!!!

    Think about it people! When babies are born Doctors and Nurses all say ten FINGERS and ten toes! Not eight fingers ten toes. The same people who are trying to argue that a thumb is not a finger would be tripin if they had a Doctor in a delivery room Holler Eight fingers ten toes! Lol

  • You all sound like 2nd graders.

    GET AN EDUCATION. My god, you people. Does 'thumb finger' sound like something a sane person would say? The thumb also points at a different angle compared to the fingers and is found on the side of the hand, not the top. I do agree that the thumb is needed to complete daily functions but that is not the definition of a finger. Stop using reasoning based on fingernails and grow up. (By the way, it is technically called the thumbnail, we do not have fingernails on our thumbs.) Thanks for listening to my rant :)

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    Posted by: tie
  • No It Doesn't

    The bone structure is different, just because it is connected to your hand does not mean it is a finger idiots go talk to a psychiatrist. My god go back to college or go to med. School, because you guys and girls are totally wrong idiots idiots idiots (: (:

  • Sorry but it is different.

    As Philocat said, it has a different bone structure than your fingers do. Because it is, scientifically, different, it needs to be categorized differently. While all fingers, thumbs, and toes are digits (a classification), they are further broken down into more precise classifications that separate the finger and the thumb. As such, the thumb is not a finger, by medical definition.

  • A thumb isn't a finger

    A thumb cant not be removed because without it we will not be able to do anything. But fingers can be removed. If the world doesn't have thumbs them we will have to invent a new way of living and a thumb is more important than a finger. We use thumbs for eveyrhting

  • Different bone structure

    The classification of a limb or part of a limb is determined by its bone structure. Fingers are all fingers because they all have three joints (two, if the knuckle isn't included). However, a thumb one has two joints (including the knuckle) and so is a different digit to a finger. There's also a linguistically difference, if the thumb was a finger it wouldn't make sense to say 'fingers and thumbs' just as it wouldn't make sense to say 'mammals and cows', because it is a tautology. The fact that 'fingers and thumbs' makes sense suggests that they are separate types of digits.

  • It is a digit

    The thumb is called a thumb. Not a finger. You don't call it the "thumb finger". It is, however, a digit, that cannot be argued. We call all the other fingers by names "_______ finger", but not the thumb, and there is a reason for that. The thumb is not a finger.

  • Of higher importance

    A thumb is not finger because it has less joints. It is also way more important then a pinkie or an index finger because it is used to grasp on to things, pick them up, or hold. We could do those things without our other fingers. Therefore, the thumb should be viewed of higher importance then the fingers.

  • A thumb needs more joints

    A thumb has only two joints and two phalanges whilst a finger has three joints and three phalanges. A thumb does not have the required joints and phalanges to be considered a finger and is therefore different from a finger. Also, due to it's positioning on the hand, it cannot be considered the same as a finger

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