• Cost me a part time Job in High School

    I was working part time for some spending cash, About 16 hours a month. The union dues ate up all my pay and made it pointless for me to have the job. So, I quit my job. I also did not like the political mis-representation. They over-reached and use the my dues to support political causes I did not support. They should stay out of politics and just be a hard-ass representing the workers in negotiations. Over-reaching is the best descriptor I know of.

  • Union Bosses are Corrupt Because they Fight for Incompetent Workers

    Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that many people that are fired from jobs deserve to be fired. They do everything from lie, cheat and steal to sleeping on the job. Not all workers that are in the union are incompetent, but the vast majority of the time it is the incompetent workers that the union fights to represent. This is to the detriment of good, quality workers that must 'pick up the slack' when poor workers are allowed to keep their jobs.

    In a union environment, all workers make the same wage which means that good, quality people are paid the same amount as very poor workers. This is not fair because the good employees must work much harder than the poor employees.

    Union Bosses also take, often require that workers give them, union dues and then they use it for padding their pockets and for political purposes for which the union member might find offensive or objectionable.

  • I'm not corrupt.

    Being a union boss I know that myself and the other leaders around me are not corrupt.

    I have to disagree with another poster who states that unions usually represent incompetent workers. I can't speak for other unions but that is certainly not the case for my union. We represent many more unfairly dismissed workers. We rarely represent incompetent firings except where the punishment exceeds the offense or when due process was not followed by the employe. We have been known to tell incompetent workers to shape up or ship out.

  • Not All Union Bosses Corrupt

    No, not all union bosses are corrupt. While there may be some who are, as in any profession, most union bosses are only looking out for the best interest of the members of their unions. To claim that each union boss must be corrupt because of a few bad apples is asinine.

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