• ISIS should be stopped at all costs

    ISIS should be stopped at all costs though I am not suggesting to become a kamikaze or be suicidal. However, if this stopped others from being killed, I would willingly put my life at risk and I would fight to my last breathe if I was captured. This is what I would do...

  • Courage needed to keep country safe

    I believe that keeping individuals safe is of utmost importance. If an opportunity arose to learn more about the operations of ISIS through secret filming, I would set aside concerns for my personal safety. ISIS represents an international threat. Gaining operational information on this organization is vital to global safety and therefore, outweighs the personal risk that would be involved.

  • Yes, no matter of price, because ISIS is pure evil.

    ISIS needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. A face veil is not mandatory and the illiterate men of ISIS have no right to impose this on anyone - Why would you eradicate historical sites in fear that it promotes idolatry? Islam and the followers of Islam are not idol worshipers and most people have an interest in history and where this great religion came from or how it spread; so going to those places doesn't mean that people are worshipping anything other than God. They are obviously weak in their own faith - well that is clear as they are using violence and force to get their version into the world, well anyone can do that with a gun in their hand.

  • I would not risk my safety

    I'm sorry to say that I value my safety and my life very much and I am a caregiver for many people. I could not risk my well-being and safety to film ISIS. I would have to leave that to braver people who may not have so many people relying on them.

  • No, I disagree with ISIS but would be too afraid to risk my life in opposition to them.

    No, I would not secretly film ISIS if I could possibly be executed if caught. It would be admirable for someone to do so, but I do not think I personally have that kind of courage. ISIS has been ruthless in its treatment of reporters in the past. I would not like to be among those executed by ISIS.

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