• Any day of the week.

    The average response time of a 911 phone call is, according to, is 10-11 minutes. Now, if someone has broken into my house, I will first call the police, then take my Mossberg shotgun, load rounds into it, and shoot the home invader if he does not stand down. This is a promise.

  • Yeah, of course.

    You have the right to protect yourself, your family, and your property. If someone presents a clear and direct threat to any of those, you're completely justified.

    Now to fill the pointless word minimum. Desk, moth, curtain, swing, climb, carry, dinosaur, truck, swordfish, guitar, basketball, trees, newspaper, potato, turn, floor.

  • Shooting is justified to protect one's castle

    Shooting someone is justified if someone is invading my home. The person is violating my privacy and property rights. It is also difficult to ascertain if the invader has violent intentions, making the decision to shoot instantaneous. The shooting is justified In the interest of self defense of my property, family, and self.

  • Yes, I would shoot an intruder entering my home.

    Homeowners have the right to shoot intruders breaking into their homes. Most Americans believe in the castle doctrine: the right to defend their home against intruders. If this means using deadly force, like a gun, then the homeowner has the right to use deadly force. No one should ever break into another person's home.

  • Only if both of us had guns and he/she threatens to shoot.

    I recommend staying neutral on this topic. I would much rather have a weapon that has a lower or equal reputation to the criminal. Personally (and legally, perhaps), I think that I would be in more trouble if I were to shoot an invader who might be unarmed.

    The most important prerequisite would be that I would have to own the gun to, perhaps, turn the table to my favor. If you wish to defend yourself (with no gun), try learning some disarming techniques and maybe keep yourself in shape in order to deal with future invaders.

    I would much prefer talking out of the situation. Contact the police and/or flee whenever chances are given. If you have to fight, then do what you must and can from the tools in your home. If you happen to have others living in your house, chances are that you can outnumber the invader.

  • No, I would not shoot at someone invading my home.

    No, I would not shoot at someone invading my home because I do not own a firearm, nor am I interested in attaining a weapon to arm against an intruder. While I am fortunate enough to never have been in that situation, in case of an intruder, I would rather try to escape or hide than risk injuring or killing someone over an unlawful entry.

  • No, it is wrong to shoot at anyone

    No, it would be dangerous to shoot at someone invading a person's house. What if there is some misunderstanding and I shoot a friend? And in a case of fear, what if some child entered a house and I shoot him just because I thought that it is someone trying to rob me?

  • It depends but I rather not

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