• I've already done it

    I would only use alibaba if I can't find an item in a store. I don't really like alibaba, but I dislike ebay/paypal even more. All in all, I've been scammed more on ebay than I have on alibaba. I've been scammed by ebay the company, and many former ebay employees will testify that ebay is a dodgy corporation, while I have been scammed on alibaba by individual users. So there is a difference. People think that ebay is safe because they're "organized". Well I beg to differ. Because ebay is so big, they have the u.s. government in their pocket, and therefore will never have to face justice. Like it or not, that is how america, and the west works.

  • See how it goes.

    Yes, I would shop online with Alibaba because I would try it out to see how it goes. If it ends up being a reputable company that delivers what it promises, I would continue. If on the other hand, I receive counterfeit goods from China, I would probably make my first shopping experience my last.

  • No I would not

    I defiantly would not shop online at Alibaba. I feel that it is too new of a company and would be worried about receiving my merchandise. I would also be very concerned with my payment information being stolen and how safe it would be to order from them. I would need to see some positive feedback for quite sometime before I would trust it.

  • Alibaba isn't for me

    Alibaba isn't for me. First, I do not want to shop Chinese goods unless I have no choice. I am pro-made in the USA. Second, the site is only good for people who want to buy in bulk, which I do not do. The site can be a profitable tool, but not for me.

  • Shopping Online With Alibaba is Too Difficult

    Alibaba may have everything under the sun available for purchase, but the site is difficult to navigate and a headache waiting to happen. It resembles shopping at a thrift store where all of the items are packed together in complete disarray. It's much easier to simply Google the item you want to buy and make the purchase from a well organized website.

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