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  • Just is not worth the cash.

    I would rather put my money in to helping others much like the Bill Gates Foundation. From an purely economic standpoint at this time it is not a wise investment , With Climate change happening you will see more heavy storms and with an un easy global Market even though the home will always be in the over 50 million. The taxes will be a mess right now Bloomberg reports that taxes will go up in Miami, the are taxing upper class to fund the fixing of pipes. It was first going to 100 million now its going to 400 million. Living in this city between the taxes and economic models being the way they are just wouldn’t be worth it for living in the home.

  • So much can be bought for $65 million

    So much can be bought for $65 million that is more useful than a large home. I could buy a mansion, but still only spend $5 million. I could put at least half in the bank. I would buy my family a new house, buy some cars, go back to college, do philanthropy, and take some vacations.

  • I would not spend $65 million to own Miami's most expensive home.

    In my opinion, $65 million dollars is too much to spend for a roof over your head. There are millions of people in North America, and billions of people worldwide who cannot even afford food never mind the luxury of a home of this value. I would rather donate the additional money to charity to help the less fortunate, than commit this amount to my own personal ego.

  • No I wouldn't spend $65 million to own Miami's most expendsive home.

    Most people wish to own big homes and to have lots and lots of money. I'm not most people. If I had a pay check big enough to spend it on a $65 million dollar home I"d definitely spend it on some things that for me are much more rewarding than a huge house. If I had this kind of money I would buy a house that I fit in, not too big but also not too small and I would instead use the money to deck out the furniture and decoration in my home and maybe go on many vacations.

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