Would you support a communist uprising if it happened in your country?

Asked by: vaporizeislands
  • I mostly support it, but I am on both the No and Yes sides.

    Most people of this Earth probably do not know what socialism or cummunism is. If anyone is reading this and does not have any idea what they truly are, please research it first. - I do support moderate socialism. Now, communism has never happened and it would be great if it never does happen. I would support a communist uprising if it were led by the right person and the group organizing it has the right views. Communism is very similar to socialism due to it being just an extreme version of socialism. Therefore, I would support a communist uprising if done right. This nation could actually benefit from this if it happened to actually occur.

  • I would certainly give it a go

    I wouldn't mind supporting a communist uprising if the people that are "uprising" were actually informed and sincere about the virtues of communism. That said, I think socialism must precede a fully communist movement, but I wouldn't mind setting communism as the ultimate goal. I'm surprised that communism is so unpopular in the US (probably because of the stigma from the Cold War), especially given that Christ is pretty much a socialist/communist character. People need to realize that communism is not at all what Stalin and the Soviet Union emulated, which was a poor attempt at hiding a blatant totalitarian government.

  • The idea has just been wasted by history

    What communist country has been or is successfull? No single country. Sadly this is a reason for many people to believe that it is bad. In the end it's a choice by the government to for example give their citizens food (something that North Korea has not been able to do yet :(). Furthermore, we have always have had a communist state where there was still a group leading. In a real communist state, this group controlling the people, would also have been diminished to nothing. We just have not yet have a truly communist state, so why not give it a shot after so many states have failed?

  • No but I would support a Marxist/Socialist 'uprising'

    Socialism will undoubtedly bring about a revolutionary transformation of human activity and association in all fields previously conditioned by the division of society into classes—in work, in education, in sports and amusements, in manners and morals, and in incentives and rewards. Morality, which in class society is either a hypocritical cover for material self-interest, or an escapist withdrawal from the harsh realities of the class struggle, will be changed inside out. The advancement of individual special interests at the expense of others—the highest standard of capitalist society—is summed up in the slogan: “Getting Ahead”—which means, getting ahead of others. It is the root cause of lying, demagogy, and deception, which are the central features in every election campaign, in advertising, and in all mediums of information and communication. The people are bombarded with lies every day of their lives. Capitalist morality itself is a lie

  • I am for Communism, but Its birth is wrong.

    Communism, at its foundation, is required to have a "bloody revolution," which would get rid of the Bourgeoisie. I am a pacifist. I am not for violence. No matter how much I disagree with an ideology, such as capitalism, I could not support a how communism is suppose to come into reality.

  • No, but if they were democratically elected, then great.

    The way America is now, I wouldn't support any sort of uprising. However, if a communist government legally came into power through elections, then by all means good for them. They couldn't possibly be much worse than what we have now, and since this is a democracy, should the government go wrong, they can be elected back out of office.

  • Communism has never worked before.

    Communism would only work if everyone was perfectly good, and if leaders were omniscient and knew everyone well. In this world, frightening things happen. Someone has to be the one to decide what everyone gets and who gets it, and what's good for everyone. I'm not willing to give up my freedom to flawed and selfish humans in return for security.

    Every country that has tried communism or some other kind of collectivism has found that it does not work in real life. It has caused the mass murder of 94 million people. Small government is best because the more power is given to human leaders, the more corrupt things will get.

  • It would be highly conditional.

    The Communists would have to support my own revolution to create a true Libertarian government in placement of our current one. As my allies, they would be promised their own amount of land in the US to experiment with their ways, and I would do everything in my power to leave them untouched outside of mutual trade. If they followed the path of past Communist nations, however, I would have no choice but to lead my troops against them to protect the freedom of those people. This may seem like an awkward stance, but I have met more agreeable Commies who support private property of the individual (small businesses and homes), and I promised that day that I would keep an open mind of having my enemy as an ally until further notice.

  • Greed Rules the World.

    Although communism works good on paper, it will never work in the real world. People in general a greedy and governments are easily corrupted. People of power will always make more money that the average people because they have the ability to make the changes. I would not support a communist movement in the United States for that reason.

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