• The flag is symbol of our country

    Yes, I would support a constitutional amendment against the desecration of the United States flag. The flag, when it is no longer usable, should be disposed of in a dignified way. I should not be merely thrown in the garbage, it should respected for what it is a symbol of freedom.

  • Yes, I would support a law making it illegal to vandalize the flag.

    I think that I would actually support a constitutional amendment against the desecration of the flag. I think that the flag of the United States of America should be respected. And if somebody is caught vandalizing it, they should be punished by the law. I do not believe that there is ever a reason to destroy a flag.

  • No, freedom is freedom

    I was always taught that my freedom only ends when it interferes with another person's freedom to do something. The flag is a symbol one can choose to worship if one wants, but above all it stands for freedom. Freedom includes being able to make a statement by burning the flag.

  • Desecrating the flag is deplorable, but still free speech

    Desecrating the flag is a great way to get attention. That's all that anyone who does it really wants. They have a message that they are no longer satisfied with what the flag represents, and so they desecrate it. This is a form of expression, and we have the right to do this. It doesn't hurt anyone, and provided it does not damage any property beyond the flag itself, there should be no law against it. That does not mean I agree with it, but it is a legal form of expression.

  • Free speech means all speech

    If it's not actively inciting to the direct immediate harm of another human being, then get over it. I don't like Westboro Baptist church. If I met one of them in a bar, I'd pick a fight, and feel good about it. If the government should decide to shut them down however, I'd be.... well, not standing side by side with them, but I'd certainly be picketing for their right to exist, somewhere near by. Probably. Ok I'd just write strongly worded denunciations online, but it would still be wrong.

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