Would you support a law that banned the press from publishing news they knew to be fake as a fact?

Asked by: Gareth_BM
  • It Would Make no Difference

    I would not support this law, because most press already use censorship, they would base it off truth, but just "forget" to publish the other side of the stories. What I explained is censorship, like the situation with Israel and Palestine they make Israel out to be the victim.
    Off this basis, it wouldn't make a difference really therefore I would not support a law that will have no affect anyway. My next point is that because many press are 'influenced' by the government, there would still be fake news and as far as we would know, the news would be truth and this law would make more people believe the censorship and lies.

  • Of course i would

    Misinformation is a huge problem for this country. Everybody *thinks* they know what they are talking about, when they actually know nothing.

    Anyone who thinks "fake news" should be legal is corrupt and manipulative and wants to use lies to control people.

    "fake news" should be worthy of a death sentence, honestly.

  • Leads to Extreme Liberalism, Leftism, and even Communism.

    No matter what, the government shouldn't have any control over the public's affairs. A corrupt government could simply extend or use the already made law to ban any news against their political agenda, (which is what the democratic policy is, more government control), and claim it as "fake news." that has already happened with the Pizzagate scandal, and it's illegal right now. Just imagine if it wasn't.

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