Would you support a Veteran's Basic Income paid for by raising the rate on the top tax bracket?

  • Veterans need to be rewarded for fighting for our freedoms and liberties and our country

    If it increasing the tax bracket for the top 1% then I would do it, I believe in progressive tax where the rich pays more because they have to contribute back to this country, I tend to lean right most of the time but in this case raise taxes for the rich, It’s not communism it’s compassion and a reward for our hero’s, I’m not saying to fear them but don’t disregard them they should be respected.

  • Why not do this?

    Veterans are not always in a stable place (mentally and physically) and we need to support them. These people fought to protect us so the least we can do is take care of them. Honestly I ask, Does the top tax bracket really need the money more than the veteran?

  • No, I wouldn't.

    I know they served and need support, But it shouldn't come from social services. It should come from widening the market for them so they can help themselves. Plus it would be more efficient economically to let them handle things themselves. Plus charites can get them help if they need it.

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