Would you support the use of insects as a more sustainable source of protein in feed for pigs, poultry and fish?

Asked by: MinervaRosie
  • Protein is protein.

    Why should it matter what kind of protein it is, as long as it's not toxic to the animals? We already feed livestock tons of things that would never cross my plate to start with, putting some bugs in the mix isn't going to make me recoil in disgust. Besides, the non-farmed versions of these animals often consume things that are similar or far more disgusting and if you put them on the menu as "free range" or "game" people will literally gobble them up for premium prices.

  • Insects are parasites

    I would not want to feed animals insects at all. Insects can act as parasites, and cause a complete horror house of infections and other horrible illnesses. We do not want to cause any non- needed to harm to any animals just for the sake of science or a good experiment.

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