• I think that I would survive

    I live out in the country where there aren't too many people. My house is on a defensible hill. My neighbors live close enough that they could help me. Where I live there are plenty of animals to hunt and eat. I am an experienced hunter. My family has plenty of firearms and ammunition. I am a good shot and I think that I could easily kill a zombie with my 7mm Magnum Remington 700 with a Leupold scope. I also have a double barrel 12 gauge that I could use (these are just my guns my family has many more). I am an eagle scout so I have a lot of outdoor and survival skills. I have taken lots of classes on wilderness survival and wilderness first aid. There are lots of horses in my area and I could use them for transportation. I am not extremely experienced but I am not new to riding horses. I also live near several mountains that I think would be easy to defend. I also have TONS of great outdoor gear. As for melee weapons I have some swords and 2 chainsaws I also have a kaiser blade that I think would be good. (some people call it a slingblade mm hmm) lol. I also have a lot of food at my house and I have a large vegetable garden in my yard. We live right next to a big freshwater lake with lots of fish. I have 2 generators but at the moment I don't have a lot of oil.

  • No chance. Goodbye brains, you've done me good!

    I have no shot in a zombie apocalypse. Physically weak, bigger than average head, ideal target for zombies really. No weaponry (not in US, so no guns) Perhaps actually location would be my only safeguard- as NZ is so isolated, we might avoid getting infected. If it gets here though, I'm a goner for sure.

  • No surviving an apocalypse level event.

    People throw that word around like there is a good chance of survival. Thing is, an apocalypse means the end of the world or at least the end of civilization on a global scale. Sure, some people may be able to survive in the wilderness but in this case, you would not just be the hunter but the hunted. Seeing that the vast majority of people would already be zombies, wherever you were would be surrounded leaving you to hide behind walls living on what you have stored up. Inevitably, both your ammo and supplies will run out. You can either save one bullet for yourself or starve to death. Either way, your not getting out alive.
    On the lighter side. I could imagine grabbing boom box and video recorder and doing a remake of the video "Thriller".

  • I'd survive only until my chainsaw ran out of gas

    I'm afraid that I could only fend off the zombie hordes as long as the chain on my saw was spinning wildly on the bar. I'm afraid that even a big strong guy like me would have no hope of holding off the throngs of brain hungry undead with his bare hands (or even with a humble pipe, wrench, loop of chain or club).

  • Eventually everyone dies?

    Sure some people will survive longer then others but eventually people are going to have to leave the comforts of their homes to look for things to survive and odds are you will get overran from zombies if we are talking about a global scale phenomenon like The Walking Dead. Not to mention you also have to worry about others who will be looking for their own survival. Eventually with food running out and no clean water being circulated, if you don't get bit/eaten by zombies you are more likely to die by hunger/thirst or by savages trying to live.

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