• How will cable survive after everyone swithes to Google fiber?

    I will be on the fast train to switch to Google fiber. Why wouldn't I be? Google fiber is rated at up to 100 times faster than basic broadband speeds now. I mean really who wouldn't want 1,000 mbps? No buffering or waiting. It's there at the snap of your fingers or faster if that is possible. This will definitely put a stranglehold on all other Internet service providers.

  • Yes, Google Fiber is the future.

    Google Fiber offers speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, ten times more than what is currently offered today. The pricing is also quite reasonable compared to what companies charge today for broadband Internet. According to Google's website, pricing for Gigabit internet (1,000 Mbps), is currently at $70/month, and they do not charge the $300 construction fee if you purchase Gb internet.
    Therefore, if Google fiber WAS offered in my city, I would definitely switch to it.

  • A good program

    Yes, if google fiber was offered here in my city then I would swap to it and start using it all the time. I think it is the most up to date program and is going to take off really big here coming up, and that it will be a huge program.

  • Google's products are usually very high quality

    Google is one of the best companies the world has ever seen. It's so ubiquitous, it joins the ranks of Kleenex, Chapstick, and bandaid as a company name that is also a word we all use. They've brought us the best mapping system available, one of the best phone platforms on the market, and more. Most households get their internet service from cable or through the phone lines. Fiber optic is known to be faster and more reliable. Who would pass up the chance to get a great product from a great company?

  • 90% of users wouldn't know the difference

    I've built broadband networks for two decades. The vast majority of consumers would take the "free" service ($300 install) but would never pop the $70 per month for gigabit (I think that's the current price). Telcos and Cable companies have bundled video, have better margins and can flip a switch (cable) and easily go to 50-100 mbps. There's a reason why Google doesn't release subscriber data for KC... They don't have many. At the end of the day if Google forces all carriers to increase speeds and lower their prices... The consumer wins.

  • It is not needed.

    No, I would not switch to Google Fiber if it was offered in my city, because it has way more capacity than I need. Google Fiber is fast and amazing, but it can do so much more capacity than the average town needs it to do, or that I would ever use at my house at one time.

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