• Yes, I would definitely switch to Verizon for a free iPhone 6.

    No matter how you measure it, switching to Verizon for a free iPhone 6, the latest and likely best new smart phone on the market, absolutely makes sense. Judging from previous releases, typically when Apple releases a new phone, they cannot be obtained simply by signing a new contract, but also require that the consumer pay at least a portion of the retail value. For example, when the iPhone 5 came out, Verizon offered the new phone for approximately $200-$300 with a new contract. Given this, to get one outright free with a new contract is obviously a good deal.

  • I don't want an iphone 6

    I'd rather have an android phone. The iphone is overrated and they're advertising features that have existed in other phones for years. They're also not very fast for being so "innovative". Maybe I will reconsider if Apple ever makes a product that doesn't have to be jailbroken to be useful.

  • No, not an IPhone Fan

    Switching based on a free IPhone presupposes a person likes iPhone 6s -- the make or the brand. Also, the act of switching based on a type of phone implies that other factors do not count. There are other factors to consider: Would Verizon pay for cancellation fee for switching from present provider? Or what is the cost of Verizon's activation fee for new accounts? Or what is the contract commitment -- one year or two years? These factors hinder a person's switching when their switching depends on other factors than a free IPhone 6.

  • No, I would not switch to Verizon for a free iPhone 6.

    No, I would not switch to Verizon for a free iPhone 6 for two reasons. First, I am not a fan of Apple products. I prefer my Android-powered phone, and Android has the largest user base of all the types of phones out there. Second, I will be a life-long AT&T customer. I feel that AT&T has never let me down. They always find the best ways to make up for their mistakes. When I went without Internet for a few weeks, they gave me a free wi-fi hot spot to make up for it. Therefore, I will not switch to Verizon for a free iPhone 6 because I prefer Android and AT&T.

  • No, I am satisfied with my service.

    My current provider gives me all the call and text credit I require at an affordable price. Verizon does not offer anything for new customers which would drive me away from my current provider. I am also not tempted by the new iPhone 6, as it does not provide anything new which interests me.

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