• Yes definitely yes

    I would teach a chimp 2 cook bc their frickin aweseom and would be such a cool pet bc imma lazy person so it would be great. Yeah! Also my mommy says I cannot be the rascist and that would make me very mean. All chimps deserve a chance! They are such bootiful creatured

  • Gorillas are awesome!

    Imagine one day you wake up in the morning, and see a gorilla make breakfast for you. This could save you so much time when you are in a rush because you wouldn´t need to cook. That´s why teching a gorilla to cook is an icredible idea that could change the world.

  • Yes I Would

    I would teach a gorilla cooking because I'm lazy and I can just make him cook (I'm cruel haha). And I need someone that acts like a pet so that's a reason to get a gorilla.(I would not get a gorilla as a pet really.) Well make sure if you teach a gorilla cook that there is no hair! 😉

  • Trouble! Trouble! Trouble!

    Gorillas would just cause trouble. They would just mess up things and just get in trouble. For example they might use the egg beater as one of the ingrediants, or when you try to teach them to make macarioni and cheese and they come behind you and smack heck out of you when you are not looking.

  • What would be the point?

    I think it could be interesting to see a Gorilla cook myself a good meal, but what would be the point? Could a gorilla actually be smart enough to understand the steps and concepts of a complete recipe? Could a gorilla learn how to use an oven? Not only that, but learn how to preset it?

  • Ill tell you why

    Who wants to teach a big stinky hairy monkey how too cook? It just dose not make much sence to me because i really dont want to eat food prepaired by a big animal. In restereaunts people are required to wear hair nets in order to not get hair in the food. Think about it, a gorilla is covered in hair!

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