Would you transfer your consciousness to an android to live forever?

Asked by: Octagon
  • Transfer my consciousness to an android body to live forever

    With the help of nano technology i think in conjuction with the transfering our minds into android bodies the nano technology will minimize any mistakes human error could have caused with the procedure and if the androids mind is mapped out correctly and in sinc and flowing properly on the same wave link as our mind and is stabilized by the nano machines and the EEG chart reading shows a fixed flow and holding and smooth transition, then the transfer is possible then under those circumstances in theory.

  • Live forever - ahh no.

    However, as someone who has lived and dealt with my human body - with has many health failings, throughout my entire life, I'd love to be able to replace my rather frail human body and live a more normal life, along with robust health, That's what I'd hope to achieve with this type of transfer.

  • It is a dream come true for me

    I really want to avoid death it just seems like I would like to keep living and if I died what would happen it seems to me that it is amazing immortality all you need is to occasionally repair yourself and you could even upgrade yourself but only if I was certain it would work and I still could think independently

  • I don't wanna live forever

    I like the idea behind me being in data form, like i can go through the internet and such but i don't wanna live forever, just 16 years on this planet already and i hate here, really the only think i like here is nature and wolves, nothing else keeps me here. Come you can take me, this is a horrible world, thanks to people living inside it.

  • To make my death a choice, yes, to live forever? No.

    It might seem selfish to say I wish my death to be my choice, but wanting to see the world, the universe, in all its wonder, to see humanity grow, into something better for all, to see us form in unity, to strive for a common good... But living forever, no. Living forever is hardly a reward. You will get use to it, and then you will get bored, and after a million years, I can bet you would try to end yourself.

  • If I'm convinced it would actually work

    If the android will let me feel and have emotions and think and live much like I do now but maybe more awesome i.e. jet packs, can live underwater, fly into space, ... Then I would happily accept that transfer to an android. I think it would be a great thing. I hope this happens in my lifetime. To live forever would be amazing.

  • I'll do it for the world:

    Sure, I'd sacrifice the right to die, the joys of release, and ultimately be miserable but it's for a good cause, the cause of those humans in the future who need guidance, my guidance specifically, and I am more than willing to lay down my happiness for the future generations.

    I will be Lesson Bot 2.0

  • We botched living harmoniously with nature, might as well show our true colors: metallic/synthetic skin tones.

    I quote (sort of) the great intellectual himself: Mr. Smith.

    Thing is, he's right. We rely on the world and it's resources to survive, but it has no need of us, nor does it's inhabitants.

    But I am going on a tangent. I feel like I for one could see some benefits from certain kinds of modifications to the body, not necessarily of this kind though. I want to see it all, if I can. I know it sounds silly but that's the way I see it.

  • It cannot work, unless they transferred over your entire Brain, as your Brain is your consciousness:

    If we transferred all our knowledge and Awareness (Consciousness) in some form of signal format, it wouldn't transfer us. We would still reside in the Grey lump of matter which created our consciousness in the first place. So the android would have our thoughts and memories, but that is all. It would not gain any more than that.
    We would still die with our brain, unless they found a way to transfer our physical brain to the android. That is the only way it could be done. As our consciousness is contained in our Neurons and cannot be distributed anywhere else.

  • Most people would really not want immortality.

    Watching everyone you like or love die, and having people see you as a freak of nature wouldn't sound fun to me. What if that android can't move, or talk. Would you like to live forever as basically a stuffed toy. If I assume I'd be a robot, that would live forever. Would it ever be possible to still get sick or age? As technology advances to sci-fi levels, would they be able to put poisons/toxins into me, making me suffer for an eternity. Would I still have emotions because if I truly had no emotions, like an android. I wouldn't know or care about anyone, so I'd live forever and not say anything to anyone, because why would I care about their well being. Why would I give them guidance? There seems to be a lot more cons than pros here.

  • Who would want to live forever?

    If you lived forever you'd be watching all your friends and family die while you lived on. You'd see your spouse, kids, grand kids, and so on die and you'd have to live without them. I think most people couldn't live with it. Plus, it'll get really boring real fast.

  • I believe life as a half android / half human would be more existing than actually living

    The perks of being a human being with our own bodies are what makes our experience so unique in this world.
    In this sense, I do not believe that someone would be totally fullfilled living forever in an android body.
    Anyway, this whole situation is so hard to picture !

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