Would you trust Donald Trump with nuclear launch codes?

Asked by: JustinLang
  • Hes hot af

    Trump is my love, his soft beautiful white toupet reminds me of my first cat. Every night before I go to sleep I look longingly at my bedside photo of my orange savior, Donald Trump, and whisper softly, my prince I will get you nukes. The nukes will be yours

  • Hates other countries too much already

    Trump seems to be impulsive, and full of hate. We don't really know what he thinks, and we have no idea what his actual plans for the presidency are in terms of foreign relations not including China or Mexico. For all we know, Trump might be itching to start a fight with Putin.

  • This is too risky

    Trump is too aggressive of a person to have this kind of access. Do we really know what kind of ideas he could get for reasons that nobody understands? It is simply just too risky of a situation, because again, he has an aggressive personality, sometimes that is a good thing, because I admire how he fights for what he wants, but when it comes to Nuclear warfare, this is not something people can be okay with.

  • Absolutely not, never.

    The dumbing down of this nation has been entirely due to Nixon's Southern Strategy, the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch getting control of conservative propaganda and broadcasting fear and loathing 24/7. As a result, an inevitable despot is now the candidate. If he wins, shutting this down will require more than an opinion and it will require more than fleeing the country. If he is actually elected, what it will require is the active support of an immediate US military coup, political coup, and if necessary, a ground invasion by a foreign coalition supported by the sitting president before the despot takes the oath of office. All legislative government in Washington will have to be suspended in order to take this situation in hand, and during this suspension several actions to protect the populace will have to be enacted. First, the immediate confiscation and dissolution of all hyperconservative media outlets and broadcasters owned by Koch and Murdoch as threats to national security. Second, the aggressive monitoring of survivalist compounds and the confiscation of all large volume arsenals not owned by the US military, possibly including those of hostile police departments like Joe Arpaio's. Third, the monitoring of all chemical factories in red states, and possible universal shutdown of fertilizer factories in unregulated districts. We already saw an "unofficial" shutdown in Texas in 2013; if Trump wins I guarantee we will see several more to pre-empt any OKC-level retaliation by his voter base. His voter base will scream that this is oppression, however for the rest of the country it will mean the protection of *OUR* freedoms. This election this year means more than an election. This is a moral issue and one which will have to finish business that was left unfinished in 1865.

  • No, he's too brash.

    He is entirely too aggressive and hot headed to be trusted with the nuclear launch codes. It would be a catastrophe to let him be in control of them. His brash nature would spell the end for America as we know it. Don't vote trump! Dump the Trump! Thank you.

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