Would you trust JP Morgan Chase with your banking after their recent criminal probe?

  • Yes, I would

    If anything I think their recent issues would make them more trustworthy in the short term, if not the long. They're going to be treading pretty lightly for a while knowing eyes are upon them, I would expect that right now would actually be a good time to get into a partnership with them.

  • Yes, I would still trust JP Morgan Chase with my banking.

    Yes, I would still trust JP Morgan Chase with my banking. None of the big banks can be trusted completely, but JP Morgan is no worse than the other big banks. I would not trust any bank with all of my money but would consider giving JP Morgan a portion of my business even though they have been in trouble lately.

  • No, I Would Not Trust JP Morgan Chase

    I do not think I would be able to trust JP Morgan Chase after what happened with their recent criminal probe. Honestly, I do not think I would have trusted a huge corporation like that one even before the probe. These big banks are a part of the reason our country fell into an economic crisis. The CEOs and higher ups of these companies simply want their pockets to get fatter even if that means sticking it to the everyday working person.

  • JP Morgan Is Stable And That`s More Important

    I will continue to bank with JP Morgan. For me as a customer it`s more important that the bank is stable and reliable. The criminal investigation and the charges are serious and large amounts are expected to be levied as penalties and certain losses to be incurred due to litigation costs. These are the important issues every client will think about and an explanatory statement from the bank management can reassure clients of the banks reliability and strengths.

  • No, I would not trust a criminal...Period.

    JP Morgan is a criminal. (no offense) I wouldn't trust him because it is recent. If it was some years ago ,then I might but this is recent so you can't trust him. Also, other big banks aren't much better but they at least don't have owners that committed a crime more serious than JP Morgan's.

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