Would you try the new Mac and Cheese if Mcdonalds adds it to their menu?

  • Yes, I would love to try

    Mac and cheese is a favorite dish and if Mc Donalds adds it to their menu, many of us will love to have them ordered. We already love the McDonalds french fries and burgers. The quality and standard they offer is really good. So defenitely we would love to try this!

  • McDonald's mac and cheese would be a welcomed addition to the menu.

    When eating fast food, I am looking for cheap, safe food. Mac and cheese would be extremely cheap to mass produce and with pasta and cheese (most likely powdered), I would not be too worried about getting terrible bacteria and therefore extremely ill (like Chipotle's E. coli outbreak) from eating this new menu item.

  • Good to try

    It is good to try out the new meal Mac and Cheese in McDonalds if it is offering. I guess adults and kids would love to have more varieties on the menu and so we have another option to choose and fill our empty stomach. Besides, Mac and Cheese has been one of the favourites meal for the Americans. So why not having that on the menu?

  • I don't eat there.

    Anything that comes out of that place is horrible for you. If you are eating there you should seriously re evaluate how long you want to live and if the convenience is worth the trade off in what you are putting into your body. It's unlikely they are telling us exactly what goes into the food as well.

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