Would you turn your chair for the new Voice judges, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell?

  • Yes. I would turn my chair for the new Voice Judges.

    Gwen Stefani is a very good performer and singer. She knows how to work a crowd and can really help the contestants with their stage presence. Pharrell Williams is a great singer and even though he is new to the spotlight, he can really give some good advice to the contestants and relate to them better than some of the other judges.

  • Yes, I would definitely turn my chair for both Gwen Stefani and Pharell.

    I would definitely turn my chair for both coaches. Gwen Stefani has a great voice and is very unique in her ability to move people with her voice .Pharell is just a unique individual, and there is something different about his voice. He knows how to use his voice to convey different emotions and moods.

  • Such talents brings a breathe of fresh air to the show.

    With the seventh season of "The Voice" starting they brought in fresh new talent from Gwen Stefani and Pharrell. Gwen Stafani with her multiple talents in the show business from being the lead singer in No Doubt as well as being an actress she compliments fellow song writer Pharrell Williams as they judge the contestants.

  • Yes, Pharell has been a great addition as judge.

    Pharrell and Gwen Stefani have been a nice added change to the constant competitive spirit of the judges. Although Pharrell is more low key and Gwen Stefani seems more interested in writing her new album with new Voice talent, the show's maintained the fun and excitement of the judges critiques adding to a whole different energy.

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