• it is necessary

    Yes, I think that a keyword cover for my iPhone is totally needed because it helps you protect youir information and privacy. Nowadays we cannot risk being mucked or scammed while using our high technology devices and I think that it is a great idea to start selling these protectors

  • Yes, I would love a keyboard cover.

    When I first saw the keyboard cover for iPhones, I immediately fell in love. I believe the idea is absolutely genius. I can't believe that no one had thought of this idea before now. Hopefully they will quickly resolve the legal issues with Blackberry so these cases can go back on the market.

  • Keyboard covers for iPhones are not a good idea.

    The iPhone is primarily a telephone and it was never intended to replace traditional computers for writing text. Although there is a keyboard capability on the iPhone, it is awkward and many people find it difficult to type on it. Most people will use a normal keyboard for writing long messages.

  • Too many typos, no need for a keyboard cover for my iPhone

    I am constantly making typos on my iPhone and have finally mastered the default onscreen keyboard to an extent that I don't send absolute gibberish messages to my peers. With a keyboard cover on my iPhone, I can only surmise that I would be drastically set back in my ability to communicate effectively.

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