• Yes, for one purpose and one purpose only.

    I would go back in time with a machine gun. Around 10000 years or something like that. Back to the dinosaur age. What I would then do is kill a single dinosaur, probably the big one. They'd probably be easier to kill than you might think. I'd then cook it, saute it, add some garlic and thyme, and BOOM. T-Rex steak. Then I can be the first guy to say "Oh yeah? You wrestled a bear? Well I once shot, cooked, and ate a t-rex."

  • Yes, I would

    I would use a time machine, so I can go back in time to get diamonds for a small amount of money. When I came back into the present, I would sell the diamonds and be rich! I would also like to talk to George Washington. I would just tell him, "hi."

  • Knowledge is power.

    If I were to use a time machine id use it not for my personal gain but for the good of curiosity. I wouldn't try to destroy the space-time continuum or anything. Having a time machine allows accurate information on history. Can solve many unanswered questions. In a totally different case. As a rhetorical question, what if you were supposed to go back in time, for the sake of the world or mankind. Kinda like being the doctor in doctor who.

  • Yes but your would need to be careful

    Yeah a paradox could occur, but that's why you need to give yourself limits when using a time machine. First off never interact with yourself or stop your past self from doing something you already did. Also you need to have an impossible goal. Say you want to go back in time and meet the Wright Brothers, and you do that. Since your in the past you will forget the dream you had and forgetting about the time machine, but I'm being way to technical. You know awesome time travel would be!? You could go and save everybody lives stop all wars from happening and you could prove debates that have been going on, like was there a God or did we come from Evolution. I would definitely time travel if I could, but you'd need to set rules before even starting to go back in time

  • Of course! It's amazing.

    Yesh i know there are many down sides to time traveling (changing events, the future, probably ruining alot.) but yeah i would go back in time just so i can change a couple of things so i wouldn/t be cqaught for some mistakes iv'e made. I would go back and fix the little things so no one knows that it happened.

  • Due to paradox.

    Using the time machine to go back and kill myself, for wasting so many years trying to build a time machine; would in turn prevent me from having gone back in time to kill myself, for wasting all those years. However since I would not have time traveled to stop myself, I'd in turn build a time machine and go back and kill myself...

  • I do disagree about this view

    Who wants to go back to he/she past is totally wrong! Perhaps, I can say "you are NOT responsible with your past, but you are responsible for your future". So, someone having wish to go back to his future has already insane. Why? You have already wanted something impossible in your life.

  • Paradoxes and stuff

    Nobody knows what effects of using time travelling might be so they might be catastrophic. If I had a choice I wouldn't accept. Past- Even the slightest thing you change will cause massive changes years later. Future- I would actually like to know what the distant future will be but having this information may make me do things which will change the reality in the future so paradox again.

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Quan says2013-06-14T16:04:38.867
We have promises of huge technological advancements when I'm an old man, and I would like to experience them without being an old man.