• It sounds really fun.

    I suggest the option of doing team debates to be added to both enhance the site's optional diversity and to encourage a more cohesive debate community. Team debates are also more practical as they somewhat parallel certain debate structures (many debate competitions I know of consist of teams and not individual debaters.)

  • I Would Definitely

    Use team debates. However the main reason I want the change for team debates, is because this is what the people of DDO want. There has been disgruntles emotions about recent changes, and failed hopes. People have been asking for these for almost a year, though the requests have grown largely in the last 6 months. I understand that Juggle wants to focus on spending time on voting; I understand this. Voting is a big issue, and I have been working on trying to fix it for a while now. Recently airmax1227 has finally helped me with my efforts in creating the vote of the week thread. Basically what I am saying, is that we are trying to take care of a lot of voting issues. Also on the other hand, I think Larz's coded idea is a great one, and I think he has already done most of the work there. If he can some how get that over to you, I think that will largely contribute to voting. I think the biggest problem in voting is that people want recognition for their vote. Why waste all those characters for no one other than the debater to read it? I think being able to judge votes, is not only fun, but productive. If we implement Larz's idea, we can quickly move back over to team debates.

    But ultimately I dis-agree with what Mirza said in regards to the comment you quoted him on.

    Why will newer members not team up with each other? The assertion that they wouldn't was completely un-founded. If I were a new member to come across this site, I think I might ask a friend to make an account with me so we can tag team some people online! Sounds fun doesn't it? Also I don't think people devote all their time to just one category. Over all, people will do what they want to do. Team debates won't mean less mafia, less voting, less anything. It will only add more to each category.

    But most importantly, this isn't just for vets. It's for everyone. I think there is a little bit of stigma or bias against the wants of the vets, but I understand. Your aim is to bring new traffic to the site, that's how these type of things make money, and become successful. But like I said, I highly believe that Team debates will only increase activity, in all categories.

    I love how 20-30 people +will actively commit to wanting team debates over a long period of time, creating comments on their benefits, and usefulness. Than Mirza makes ONE post in opposition to it, and you guys leap for the comment as a reason not to make team debates lol.

    No offense really, just an observation.

    Posted by: TUF
  • Heck yes I would.

    What's better than a one on one? A five on five! Seriously, I've done some 5v5 in real life and it's way more fun to collaborate with your friends, it also helps with division of labor, if you will, when it comes to debating certain points of an aspect.

  • Yessiree, I would.

    You kidding me? This would be awesome! As a TP debater in real life, I find that having a partner, and 4 perspectives, in a debate round is sometimes extremely beneficial to the competition. It also teaches teamwork, and can provide a learning experience for new debaters to follow the examples of seasoned partners.
    Also, voting reform and tournament debates.
    Just saying.

  • Not a Doubt in My Mind

    If team debates were implemented I'd absolutely use the feature. I think that there are so many people here who I would love to collaborate with on debates versus simply opposing, I think that such a feature would be so beneficial for myself in terms of getting to share opinions and collaborate more with other DDO members that, like the headline says, I don't have a doubt in my mind I'd use a team debates function if it were implemented.

  • Only a bit.

    Although I would generally prefer one-on-one debates, I would do team debates with people I know and trust as a team. The problem with team debating is that if somebody is concerned about their debating record and their team screws up that would reflect badly on everyone. I would also like to point out that although team debating would be a nice addition, I would like to see Juggle focus on one thing at a time, and try to keep the site as minimalist as possible, without including pointless features. I fear the day when we have ads on this site to pay for all of the ridiculous, pointless projects.

  • Yes, very much so

    It would be a way to get more members more involved, and may even attract new demographics, or bring up new topics that have not been argued for or against in the past. If you can tell by my seemingly forced rambling, my rambling is forced to fill the fifty word minimum.

  • It would be quite fun

    More people involved in a debate means that more arguments are brought up, that opposing arguments are approached from different angles, and that the debate goes further overall. I hope that this update comes with an increased character limit and time to post arguments, as the aspect of going further in depth is the most important one to me.

  • If use means read and vote on

    I would really like to read some team debates, and I would definitely vote on them, so I would use them in this way. I can't really imagine what they'd be like - maybe a bit complicated to coordinate, as philochristos said. But I'd be interested to try them out.

  • Collaboration Is Progression

    And so I feel this would be a great idea. People with similar ideologies could team up, voice their views emphatically, and have a lot of fun on the way. There are types of people I have in mind whom I would love to debate alongside. That is all. :)

  • No, because its a SIN

    Where in THE BIBLE, the LORDS book, does he say that Team Debates are natural? The LORD (peace be upon him) says no such thing, because according to the Bible, TEAM debates are a perversion of regular debates and therefore must not be allowed since its not NATURAL. Those who believe that team debates are normal are SINNERS who must REPENT for their WICKED beliefs and seek salvation from the LORD.

  • No. What's the Point?

    We've given people the option to do team debates as it is right now and NOBODY USES THE OPTION. Ask Airmax, he knows how to do team debates and yet nobody cares. This is just an arbitrary rallying cry in the name of change that will be a novelty for a while but no one will actually use it. I debate on my own merits, why do we need team debates? It'd be a waste of time and code for Juggle.

  • I'm putting a no but hear me out.

    While I would occasionally use Team Debates, I am putting "no" simply because I think at the current point, there are things that are more important that need to be focused on. I don't want to see so many different projects going on in so many different directions and features that nothing ends up getting done. I'd rather see this wait in a line to get done behind various other features.

  • I wouldn't do it.

    I think it's rather a bad a idea and too complex. The assumption is that all users will be available. What if something happens to one user? One round will be forfeited causing one team to lose the conduct point and yet it was not the fault of the other guy on the team at all. Another problem is coordination. A Teammate might not like exactly the arguments and refutations their fellow teammate made which s another reason this is a bad idea. The might have different ideas to attack arguments and might use different sources. Finally, it seems that only veteran users might be interested. The new users will be alienated by this idea and what happens when a veteran player s frustrated by a noob. Team debates can be a direct cause of new cyber bullying. I think this is a bad idea.

  • Not for me, but still a great addition

    I probably wouldn't participate in team debates just because they're too hard to coordinate, and I like hassle free debating where I don't have to depend on other people or compare notes. But I think it's a great addition to this site, and I know a lot of people would like to do them. I would like to see them. And I'm not completely ruling out the possibility of me doing them at some point either.

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Debate.org_Official says2013-07-17T20:42:32.683
Thank you for the feedback so far. We have gotten 18 votes to date--19 if we count imabench's troll answer ;). We would definitely love to get a more representative sample in terms of quantity of votes. If you would like to spread the word to other members to contribute their opinion on this topic, we would definitely appreciate it.

TUF, we will try to address your questions and comments specifically.
To start, it is important for us to understand how much a larger feature such as Team Debates would be used. We understand that there are a number of members who want this feature, but what we do not know is if we are talking 20 members, 200 or 2,000? That is why we created the Opinion question, so we could use that as a mechanism to gauge interest of the entire community in a more structured format than the forums. At the end of the day, we want to spend time developing features that will get used consistently by a large contingent of our member base. It is very likely that Team Debates has a big enough following to warrant a slot in our development cycle. We are eager to see more people respond to the Opinion topic to help us quantify that demand.

Speaking of development, while we do appreciate the offers of help from the community with development and design, it is simply not a feasible route for us to take to create Team Debates. In order to create a feature that is truly integrated with the site, you would need to have development/design access to the Debate.Org codebase, which is not something we will open up to members.

Also, we appreciate the offer for donations; however, we have no plans to accept donations from members for feature development or any other purpose.

Our goal is to continuously grow Debate.Org into an active community of people who like to debate, converse, and voice their opinions in a variety of ways. In doing that there are things we need to do to drive the business forward, in terms member acquisition, participation and reach, that many members in the community may not agree with or understand. We are also very cognizant of the importance of balancing those things with features that come directly from member feedback and enhance the experience of our existing sections i.E., debates, forums, opinions, etc. Our promise to you is that we will always work to keep that balance and make sure that the community has input in the development of the site.

With that being said, if Team Debates gets the support from a sizable contingent of the community, we will work it into our development cycle. We don"t have an exact timeframe as to when, but if the support is there, we will scope it out and roll it into a future release.

One of the ways that you could help is to answer and/or get consensus on some of the questions we have around Team Debates:

-How would you envision the win/loss/tie stats factoring into a member"s profile? Would they be separate from the existing debate ranking/leaderboard structure? Would there be team rankings?

-Would the teams be required to have the same # of members or could a team of 2 go against a team of 4?

-Would you prefer it to be a "type" of debate, within the current Debates section, or an entirely separate section of the site?

-Would voting for team debates need to change from its current format, e.G. Point system, RFDs, etc?

As always, thank you all for your continued help and feedback!
Eitan_Zohar says2013-07-17T22:46:09.110
Why is this even a poll? Of course I would.