• Yes, I would definitely use the "Find my Phone" feature on google.

    Who hasn't lost their phone and had a panic attack before? With this new feature, it makes it almost impossible to lose your phone. Well, I'm sure if the feature narrows it down to your house, some of us would still have some searching to do, but at least it can rule out that you left it at another location. And the feature can ring your phone too!

  • Beats Buying a New One

    If I was worried about losing my phone on a night out and about this is a great app to help find your phone if you were to lose it somewhere. I'm mildly against using this so to not be tracked as closely by big brother but having this would definitely beat spending hundreds of dollars on a new phone.

  • The "Find my Phone" app is well worth having

    Everyone will lose their phone at some point. With the abundance of information now accessible on portable phones it is imperative to disengage a lost phone and at the same tome to recover it as soon as possible. For these reasons the "Find my Phone" app is a must have for anyone who depends upon their phone.

  • Yes, I would use the "Find my phone" feature.

    Yes, I would use the "Find my phone" option from Google. It seems very easy, and though it feels a little bit creepy to know they can do that, it is very convenient. I think care should be taken never to leave your Google account signed in anywhere, in case of stalkers, thieves or simple pranksters, but all in all I think it's a positive thing.

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