• 3-D printing at the UPS Store means lower cost and better access.

    The UPS store would provide community access to a 3-D printer. Rather than pay the hefty price of a home 3-D printer, a customer could pay a smaller fee to use the printer at the UPS store. This would allow for more revenue for UPS, a lower cost to customers, and wider access to 3-D printing technology.

  • Yes. I would use the UPS Store to 3-D print things

    If their price was good, I would use the UPS Store to 3-D print things. They have stores conveniently located all over the country and it would be easy to stop in and get the service done. They could probably offer a lower price on it since they are an established business with revenue coming from different directions.

  • 3-D Printers are awesome.

    I would love to be able to print in 3-D. If that were available at the UPS store, I would love to go there and try it. I can think of a lot of practical uses for 3-D printing, but a 3-D printer is too expensive for me to purchase on my own. It would be great if UPS would offer this service.

  • Not much point yet

    I don't think there's much need for a public 3D printing facility yet. Personally I wouldn't use it, simply because I can't think of anything I need to produce for myself enough to go and get it printed. At the moment for the general public it's still far easier and usually cheaper to simply buy what we need.

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