Would you visit a zoo of extinct cloned animals, made for human entertainment?

Asked by: MegaDan
  • Yes it would improve our knowledge.

    If we were to start bringing extinct species back from the dead it would greatly increase our knowledge of their species and could help us in a great many ways. We may be able to extract new medecines from them or learn more about their extinction events. Of cource this zoo would have to primarily focus on research and animal health to get the best results.

  • Why the hell not?

    I don't see how it is bad. The bible and Q'aran don't say there is anything wrong with creating life. And even if they did I am not religious so I would still visit it because it would be so cool. Instead of just seeing them in books, you can see them in real life!
    And Jurassic park? Seriously, you get your evidence from a film?
    Something would go wrong if a pack of lions escaped from a zoo or a herd of elephants. No less dangerous than a wooly mammoth and a sabre-toothed tiger.

  • Great for learning

    We could about ancestors and what they had to face against in 10,000bc. We could also find out about where different animals may have migrated from. And we could also learn about the future even though it sounds crazy but we could learn about animals that could maybe evolve into something from the past

  • Entertainment at the least

    Although their would be a lot of scientific advantages to bringing back extinct species it would also be very entertaining. And the whole Jurassic park augment is stupid. I'm sorry for being bland about it but Jurassic park was a book. And look at the facts. The whole island at one point was run by two coders. Who relies an entire park full of man eating beasts on two computer nerds one of which has proved him self to be untrustworthy. Not only that but the movies use of the chaos theory was untrue. Basically by saying hey anything is possible then this park will fail. (thats not all of it but you get the gist.... Hopefully)

  • Yeah I would.

    It would be educational to people and we could learn more about the animals that became extincted. There are so many benefits to having a zoo of extinct animals and I would love visiting them. Also to the guy saying that we shouldn't do this because of Jurassic Park, you do realize that the movie is fictional right? There is a possibility that an animal could go wild but the possibility is the same as a regular zoo and we still have those so we might as well.

  • Why not ?

    Ok, well if these species are extinct, there are limits. T rex aint coming back, that's impossible. But the carrier pidgin, the woolly mammoth- we made them extinct. They weren't selected by nature to die, but by us. We played God by killing them, so we aren't playing God by bringing them back

  • I don't think so

    I feel like that if I were to visit a zoo of extinct cloned animals, I would be contradicting my principles about genetic engineering. It is a very bad idea to play God. If I were to visit said zoo, I would be supporting something that I think is very dangerous.

  • Things always go wrong.

    I was actually going to say yes on this one, until I read Dumbo's post. If we set up a zoo that houses dinosaurs or mammoths, there is a chance that they could break free. Also, I'm not sure how they would live on modern earth anyway. The bodies of these creatures were used to a very different environment. But if you could resurrect extinct species, it isn't too hard to believe you could alter their DNA so they could adapt to their environment.

  • Ever Seen "Jurassic Park"?

    There's always the possibility something might go wrong, horribly wrong. Wait, scratch that. Something WOULD go wrong, horribly wrong, and the extinct species would escape or start eating us or whatever. These species were chosen by nature to die. Bringing them back to life is not a good idea. If most people don't go, the park would have to close down... Good thing! I would most definitely join in the boycott.

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