• Of course, I would

    If a gay president wins then I would like him to make all of the soldiers gay and effeminate. I want a country where men are in love with other men and of course women that loves other women. I want America to change and make it a country full of gay men and lesbian women. I want them to dominate the country where they can overpower heterosexual men and women. Also I would like gay actors and actresses to make a movie or film about gay rights and gender equality. "A world full of gay is a world full of love".

  • Love will win.

    There are as many arguments against voting for a gay president as against voting for a female president. Those who claim about femininity being a source of weakness ignore that:

    1_Not all gay people are effeminate.
    2_Those who are femenine have no difference from a woman in terms of strength.

    Also, those who asume he would be a Democrat or an Atheist are not right at all. Gay people can think that the economy should be handled as Republicans propose and replace out current social security system. I am tired of the alt-right morons that are plaguing my party, because the Republican party was built around the idea of a smaller government and NOT systematic discrimination. And also, does it matter if he is a Christian? NO, of course not. There is no logical reason to deny a gay president your vote if his policies are good and he is a capable, strong leader. And for all those who still don't believe me, remember that Lincoln was bisexual and Jesus had two fathers ;)

  • I'm a gay person myself

    I find no issues when comparing my views with that of my preferred party's views. I myself am just attracted to the same gender, yet I can still have the ability to carry the great political power of some of the finest Presidents in this nation's long climb to power.

  • Yes I would

    As long as they are qualified to lead America I don't give a rats ass if they're gay or are a unicorn, turtle or Shrek the Orge. It really disgusts me to see all of these religious fanatics claiming that a homosexual president would ruin our country, because they wouldn't.

  • Qualifications for the job are the only factors that matter.

    Being homosexual has no bearing on how well you can uphold the office of the presidency. How well you can be president has to do with your past performance as a politician or leader and how well you commanded your previous tasks at hand so that when walking into the office of the president you can most effectively lead this country. So yes I would vote for a gay president if he/she was qualified to take the position.

  • Yes, I would

    What difference does a persons sexuality make? None. Alexander the Great was gay and he was an amazing strategist/leader. Many other great leaders and contributors to the arts/sciences were gay as well. For example Leonardo Da Vinci. So it really shouldn't matter. As long as they're an effective leader, I don't see a problem.

  • Yes I would

    Yes I would elect the first openly gay President I personally would love to be that guy. I am openly gay and have a beautiful partner who I have been with for a long time. I love this country alot and would be a excellent commander and chief. I am also pro military which means I would strengthen our military to keep this country safe

  • Why The Heck Not

    I myself happen to be gay, closeted at best but hell I'm in the senate aren't I? I am very favorable in my state and people love me for my political views, and that's what I'll be aiming my campaign at in 2024. I will come out publicly and that will launch me up the polls because for the past 10 years I have been a very decent choice with the people and they will see this and see that my sexual preference is not a problem or deteriorating factor. I DO believe we could have a homosexual president if his mind was in the right place and his heart out there for the people. Which for me are. Say hello to your first gay president America because it's just a matter of time before I pull this up and let you all know I've came through on my goal.

  • Yeah. We need to show people everyone is equal.

    We just had our first African American president, and despite him being mixed, this is a huge step in anti-racism.
    Now we need a woman as a president. Just to show that women can in fact lead our country. Probably best if the woman is post-menopause. The big red phone is very much real.
    A homosexual president is the next step. Probably a male, since the female president was a big step, going back to male for a different change may comfort those opposed. It would be a big thing for many teens or adults who have never seen a homosexual go so far. He could be their inspiration.
    Then going off of LGBTQA+ (a is for ace) we'd need a transgender president. When we accept a transgender president we will have truly advanced as a human race. Trans people are very much still discriminated against. Probably more than homosexuals. Which is why it will be such a big step. These things may never happen, but it is am ideal I wish to see come to life someday.

  • Why wouldn't I?

    Being gay doesn't affect one's personality at all. So if the politician has credibility and seem like he or she will do a good job, then there is no reason not to vote for them. A president could well be a black red headed trans lesbian. If they are good at their job, then no problem.

  • God loves human but hates sins!

    In the bible, God abolishes gays. He doesn't hate the person however; he hates the sin. If you have noticed, that when abortion became legal in the united states, which is also is a sin according to Gods word, that our economy has gotten worse. If sin keeps entering into the government, things will get worse. For example, Russia has let Christianity get into their country, and their economy has improved. When Japan allowed Christianity after WWII they became the second greatest economy in the world. To conclude, if a gay president came into office, America will hit one of the greatest depressions known to the world.

  • Will Be the End Of America

    People now a days don't care about skin color, and I don't care about color. See why choose a leader of one of the strongest countries in the world, but he can't even keep himself striaght. You see it's better if you had a women running this country since theres 1 less problem. This is whats gonna happen when a gay or lesbian female or male become president.

    1- Everyone gay is gonna be more open causing more family issues in america.
    2- More gay sex Shops and then you see our flag change
    3- The gays will start a movement to try to convert people to homo that are striaght
    4- Countries will start to loose relations with us
    5- People becoming more sexualy active= a dramatic increase of aids and std's
    6- What Improvement have gay people brought to THIS WORLD.
    8- If you believe in the big bang, its bull shit AN explosion with no fuel.
    9- The economy is going to crash
    10- Striaght people will be enslaved.
    11- Tons of money into changing reproduction
    12- 50% increase in gender BENDING
    13- thats it our country somehow dies due to the lack of striaght (reproduction)

  • We need to build up our nation, not corrupt it with sin.

    A homosexual president would more than likely be a liberal, and anti-religious. While I'd have nothing against him personally, I would not support his sexual lifestyle any more than I'd support an adulterous president. YHWH tells us in his law that homosexual behavior is an abomination deserving of death; there is no sugar-coating that. I have no hatred against homosexuals, or anyone else living a life of willful sin, but I simply cannot tolerate or support their behavior. We don't need a heathen of any kind running our nation.

  • God Loves Everyone but Hates Sin

    If you look at our president now. He let abortion be legal after he did that the money value dropped more than when Bush was in office. That's all i have to say. Whenever you take the God or the Bible or just moral out of something. Things will get worse. So if we have a gay president will drop even more.

  • I would never.

    Said president would likely not have the correct moral values, would be a democrat, and not believe in God, riots would start, straight men would not accept this, and the president would also waste our tax dollars on people who don't deserve it, second: gays are widely rejected around the world, we cannot let some fag represent us, as nobody would take him seriously, GOD HATES GAYS AND ALWAYS WILL, their corrupt and unholy lifestyle is tearing our beloved nation apart already, even more so with one in office, I would rather die than vote for a gay president, Finally: HOW COULD WE TRUST SOME EFFMINATE FAG WITH THE DUTY OF PROTECTING OUR NATION? They don't even know what real love is, WHY LET THEM IN THE WHITE HOUSE IF THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW THAT? They don't have the moral values to lead anyone, AND AS LONG AS I'M ALIVE, THEY WILL NEVER BE IN OFFICE, OR MY NAME ISN'T JOHN MATTHEWS.

  • Liberalism and Anti-religion

    According to YHWH, homosexuality is an abomination. I could not support anyone living this lifestyle, especially considering that they would endorse it and promote it across our country. I have nothing against homosexuals on a personal level. I simply cannot support them based on what their stance would be. We need to build up our nation, not corrupt it with sin.

  • Gay President not acceptable for practical reasons

    I am not opposed to a gay President on religious grounds, or even based on my personal view that homosexual acts are immoral. I am opposed based on two practical secular reasons.

    My first reason is that I believe that homosexuality is not compatible with military service. Therefore obviously I would not want a gay Commander in Chief.

    Secondly, while people in the US are evenly divided on questions of homosexuality, in other parts of the World opposition to homosexuality is overwhelming, and like it or not we need to deal with other Countries on an economic and foreign policy basis. Having a gay President would hinder our relations with many Countries.

    I realize gay people, like all people have talents and skills and I believe it is acceptable to have gay people in Congress or even in some positions in the cabinet. However, homosexuals should not be allowed in the Presidency, Vice Presidency, or in any position in the line of succession to the Presidency, for the reasons stated above.

    In any event, the question is only hypothetical, it will not happen, no openly gay individual will ever be elected to the Presidency

  • Why would I vote for an effeminate butt pirate?

    Why would I vote for a gay president? The United States government is already the laughing stock of the world. We would be an even bigger joke with a gay president. Why vote for an immoral man who is gonna burn in hell for his homosexual lifestyle. Chances of a gay man elected president are nonexistent.

  • Other countries would take us as a joke

    Most countries are against being gay and it would show the US as being a country ran by a gay man. Russia would take advantage of this because it makes the US look weak and I know how discriminating that is, but that is the reality. Western Europe would probably not care about it.

  • I would have to be a fool to do so.

    A gay president would be a disaster for our country. I have never met a gay person I could be friends with as they're really unlikable. Many other countries would be disgusted and probably loose relations with us. He would make America out to be full of gays, when the exact opposite is true. Gays are a very small minority. And I do not want a leader that'll burn in hell for eternity.

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