• Atheists value the now!!!

    Its elementary really. An atheist president would be able to make decisions based on logical thinking for the betterment of American life. He/she wouldn't make decisions on emotion or because their religion compelled them to. They would lead our country based on facts and the constitution, taking no part in religious propaganda. I feel most atheist have a common concern on the education of this country and would strive to get more money into the school system. I feel a lot of prejudice and bigotry comes out of religion and for most atheist that is not a trait we have. As atheist we see people for who they are, we see fellow humans all over the world which I feel would better serve for peace instead of war amongst our neighboring countries. So, all in all, I would love to see an atheist in the white house, times are changing in this country rapidly, more things are being accepted then ever before, and I believe this would be another step in the right direction for this country.

  • Yes. America is a secular nation.

    I would not vote for an atheist because he/she is an atheist. I would not vote on a religious bias. I would vote on whoever had the most in common for the well being of USA. And not on some pety religious bias. While it might come into account on choosing who not to vote for if their "religion" is a cult.

  • Yes, but not because they he is atheist

    I would vote for a president based on what he stood for, not his religious affiliation. Only when politicians' religion starts to influence their policy decisions, life their views on gay rights, does religion matter. As long as the hypothetical atheist president's political views were in line with mine, I would vote for him.

  • If they would be a good president

    The religious views of a candidate do not help form my opinions of presidential candidates unless they belong to a more obscure religion such as Scientology. If the atheist candidate had a good plan for important issues such as health care, taxes , the budget, and foreign affairs then I would definitely vote for him/her if they were a better fit for me than the other candidate(s).

    Posted by: Worm
  • Yes, because atheism does not reflect on one's moral character.

    Even as a Christian, it is clear that religion is not what makes a politician a moral person or a good leader. It is more important to have a President that will do what is best for the country as a whole than one who shares one specific set of beliefs. It is better to vote based on skill and platform than on religion.

  • In a heartbeat

    Provided their political views match up with what I want to see, I would certainly vote for an atheist president. To be honest, I do not take a politician's religion into account unless they use it as a basis for their positions on issues. I would very much like to see people in power, who do not find inspiration for their political action in religion.

  • Vote for a person not a platform.

    So many people do not look at the complete picture of the candidate and focus on religion or a party platform. This is bad for our country. We need to try to get a complete picture of the person before we decide otherwise we are wasting out votes. Let's think about it before we vote.

  • I'd probably trust them more

    I would vote for an atheist president because I don't think you can only be a good person by having faith and being a religious person. Religion has been used far too often for people to try to make the things they believe be seen as fact. Take the Westboro Baptist Church, for example, who said even Sandy Hook was a good thing, and tried to put themselves in the right by calling it an act of God. Religion isn't bad, but bad people can still be religious and people who aren't religious aren't bad, either. Bad people are bad, religion or none, and I would be more interested in the policies and political standings of an atheist than their religion, because their religion isn't what will be ruling the country.

  • We need it

    This country needs a president, as well as other leaders, who make decisions based on facts instead of fiction. So many leaders are making ridiculous laws because they either truly believe them or because they want to please their voters. Yet they fail to think about how these laws will negatively impact others' lives.

  • Absolutely I would

    Why the hell not? There is no reason why one has to have religious affiliation in order to be president. It certainly isn't a legal requirement. It doesn't seem to me to be a moral issue. Absolutely I would support an atheist running for office. (I have to agree with his politics of course)

  • Our nation is under God.

    Call me old-fashioned, biased, judgmental, etc. But I'm sticking to my gut. I believe in God, and the further our country has gotten from God, the worse off we have been. I truly believe in Christ, and as such hope that we may have a leader who not just believes in God, but at least one who is not as polarizing as an atheist may be.

  • America would fall

    I could never support anyone who turns down the word of the lord. If he was like any atheist i know, He would be a complete bitter, jerk to everyone and constantly gripe and moan about how stupid religion is.

    If a man doesn't support Jesus, he can never count on my vote.

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