Would you vote for an Atheist president, If you agreed with all of there policies and views? (Normal atheist, Not extremist anti-religion atheist)

Would you vote for an Atheist president, If you agreed with all of there policies and views? (Normal atheist, Not extremist anti-religion atheist)
  • Religion Shouldn't Matter

    It shouldn't matter what our president's religious affiliations are. All that should matter to people is whether or not their policies align with what they believe in. I know that the United States is a very Christian country and people get scared by any other religion that is not under that umbrella, But as long as their policies match with what I believe then it doesn't matter what their religious affiliations are.

  • America is not a Christian Nation.

    I personally never understood why this was such a big debate. America is not a Christian nation. It may have been at one point and people may want you to still believe it is, But as it stands right now it is not. We don't need specifically "Christian values" we need general strong morals.

    Posted by: tpoe
  • Why not vote for them?

    Simply because a candidate has different views on religion than me does not mean they are not qualified to be president. I would especially vote for the person if I agreed with all their policies and views. I myself do not see a big reason not to vote for them.

  • I don't see why not.

    Many Christian people voted for an atheist president before like Donald Trump. I don't think it really matters, If you're Christian but the person you agree with is atheist and doesn't bring up religion that much, Then I don't see the issue for voting for them. The only thing that should matter is that if you agree with their views or not and if you respect their beliefs.

  • Yes, I would vote for an atheist.

    If he has good morals and is good for the nation, Why not?

    I am kinda hesitant tbh, But I use to be an atheist myself, And i'm sure my atheist self would be good as president. I would only vote for a conservative atheist with good morals though.

    He would have to respect Judeo Christian ethics a great deal, And promise to keep our religious values in the country while he can implent his secularization. I"m sure we could find a compromise. I have nothing against atheists, I love them a whole lot. I use to be one, So I don't judge them.

  • Misunderstanding of values

    Not every president has personally believed in God but has good issues and policies that they addressed. But those who did believe in God generally showed a better degree of prosperity in the nation that they rule, History shows this. There is conflict either way, Wether for or against God. I believe the united states should uphold christian values even if the founding fathers where deists and not christians themselves.

  • I Just Wouldn't

    Peer pressure is part of how we keep Christian values alive in the first place, And I wouldn't trust a presidential candidate who was a self-avowed atheist anyway.

    There isn't even such a thing as separation of Church and state: it's just the state's declaration of agnosticism at the barrel of a gun. That's why if I'm forced to choose between men and God, I'll take God.

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