• Would You Rather Have a Fair, Overweight President? Or a Fit, Unruly, and Childish President?

    I believe the headline states enough, but the LAST thing we should worry about in a race for Presidency is whether or not they fit our imaginary prerequisites of a President. The person, their agenda, and what they can do to service the American (or other, depending on country and system of power) people as best as they can.

  • Yes, weight is irrelevant to whether or not someone would be a good president.

    I do not think an overweight president would be an issue, as long as he stands for what I stand for. I do not care about his physique as long as he can run the country, I think people need to stop putting small things like a candidates weight into the equation when voting for a President .

  • Sure, why not?

    As long as I agreed with his position on issues that are important to me, the weight of a presidential candidate would not sway me one way or another in voting. I'm not voting for his or her BMI; I'm voting for the potential of getting the job done, and a person's weight shouldn't have any impact on their ability to manage politics.

  • Weight doesn't matter.

    Just because of the way someone looks, we shouldn't treat them any differently. Someone may have a bad lifestyle and that is there only problem and it is causing them to get fatter. Or someone might just like eating an extra donut. Why does that mean that they don't know what is right for the world? Exactly. Weight doesn't mater

  • I don't think it matters

    To me, it wouldn't really matter if the president was overweight unless it affected his or her health severely. We have had many overweight presidents in the past that did a fine job, even though they are usually remembered partially for their weight, such as Grover... For the most part though, policy is more important than physical appearance.

  • No, an example needs to be set.

    Anyone who is in a position where they are in the media and have people looking up to them needs to set an example to others. I do not believe that being overweight would be setting a proper example to impressionable children who look up to the president as a role model. It teaches them that improper nutrition is okay. Also, being overweight is detrimental to the person's health which could cause health problems during their presidency.

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