• Hey, why not She's Better then Most Republican Candidates

    But then given that field of candidates on the GOP side that isn't really saying much. Sorry, but this is not the most stellar of group. After all, look who is leading the field, Donald Trump, not exactly someone I would like to see in the White House. For me Hilary has proven herself politically, she is a woman who has a strong back ground, and could very well be a fine president given that chance.

  • Only if Sanders isn't nominated.

    She is not my first choice, but she's a better choice than almost all other candidates. If she weren't so firmly entrenched in corporate politics then I would have a better opinion of her, I think. If Sanders doesn't win the nomination then she is my second choice. We will have to see.

  • Yes, I would vote Clinton as the next president.

    Hilary Clinton is far from perfect as a presidential candidate. With a fair amount of personal and professional scandal behind her, there's no guarantee that further scandal and controversy won't follow her election as president. That being said, she is bar far the most qualified and egalitarian politician in the runnning.

  • Unless she is going up against Trump

    Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite proven time and time again, with her hands in the pockets of large organizations, She has been running on a campaign saying, I am a woman, vote me in and make history, but by doing that, she is also endorsing negative female stereotypes, if elected she is going to continue the party war, making it to where their is another 4 years of bickering and nothing getting done.

  • No, however dependent on the situation

    I dislike Hilary Clinton, as a politician and an individual. As a politician she plays the woman card too much. Nobody should be voted in because of a superficial asset. She should be elected because of her credentials and not because of the fact there has never been a female president. Just like Obama should have been elected on merit and not race (by the way I think he was voted in on merit, I was just using that as an example).

    Hilary's foreign policy is also comically inept and at times completely nonsensical. She is also a snake, she is snide and sneaky. For example for somebody that is pro climate change she gets an awful lot of her campaign money from oil and gas. And I assume because of this the oil and gas companies will be rewarded with contracts for renewable energy. However they don't deserve this as they care only about profit and not the environment.

    Saying that Hillary is better than every Republican candidate except Jeb Bush. So I would vote Hillary if she got the the democratic vote and was running against any candidate that was not Jeb Bush.

  • I would not

    I would not vote for Hillary Clinton as the next President. I don't think she's honest and I can't get past the Benghazi scandal. She's also part of the old political machine and I think we could benefit from the fresh ideas. I think an outsider would be better than Hillary Clinton.

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