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  • don't blindly vote

    I would vote for who ever is the better candidate. I hate our two party system and think if you pick some just because they are a democrat or republican, you are stupid. I also don't believe gender or race should play a factor in who you vote for. I don't know her stances on issues that why I would vote for her blindly and i would see who the other candidate is and votes on the difference in view points that are important to me.

  • I would NOT vote for Hillary, I am an Independent

    After the behavior of the democrats and Obama, I am disgusted with left wing politics. I voted for Obama the first time, before his true colors showed.
    The Democratic party shows no regard for the constitution, they want the federal government expanded.
    The republicans are far from perfect, but they at least want to preserve the Constitution and what makes us Americans different from the rest of the world.
    I would rather vote 3rd party if the candidate has any chance of winning, but not if it gives the Democrats more votes.

  • I am NOT "Ready for Hillary"

    With all the recent shit that has been revolving around Hillary and her refusing to talk about major issues with things she's done in the past, i cant see why someone would want her as president. I would so much rather have someone like Bernie Sanders as president. 'Nough said.

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