Would you vote for Julian Assange for a seat in Australia's Senate?

  • A Courageous Messenger, standing up firmly against big power’s bullying and hegemony

    A Australian citizen has been detained without charge since 2010, and he had to seek asylum from Ecuadorian government, because his own country refused to help him, Shame on you Australian Government ! Despite the ordeal, he didn’t give up, didn’t choose an easy way out, unswervingly fighting for justice, finally achieved a Moral victory, thanks to UN ruling, common sense prevails ! Unsurprisingly, Britain and Sweden ridiculously rejected the UN report. Where is Justice !

  • He has a voice who strives for truth , transparency and no spin.

    I am sickened with the childish nature of Australian politics. Why do we have a choice of only two parties. Why is the media largely controlled by one man. Why can't we have more referendums and political accountability. I think Julian would provide these answers and allow Australia to be the country it wants to be.

  • Its time for the old ways to crumble

    The current system is too secretive and we're never told the real reasons for the decisions the politicians make. It's time for a new open honest way. The people should control this country not corporations via massive political donations and spin doctors.

    We need people like Assange to expose the truth so we as individuals and population can make our decisions based on the truth - not via the lies and spin that we are feed.

  • Keep Politicians Honest

    It is about time our politicians were held accountable . We have just been through the worst six years in this country's history with money being wasted and given to people just to make the economy appear to be in a better shape than it really is . Too many people holding jobs in the public service that are really not needed.

  • He is amazing.... And tells the truth. We need more people like him!!!

    Julian Assange has integrity. He is not scared to face reality and to tell the truth. Also he is amazingly intelligent. I have great respect for that man who proved to the world we are all manipulated by people in power. I hope he can get through and help us to see the real world.

  • Truth Honesty Integrity

    I believe that Julian is one of a few people in today's society that stands for complete transparency
    A person that has no fear for standing up for the oppressed and the courage to face organisations that desire global power at the cost of human life or freedoms
    Julian has it within him to keep the world powers honest

  • Strength, guts, transparency

    The two major political parties in this country are headed by liars, liars, liars. I know they think, hope and pray that we are all stupid enough to believe them, and now we have two weeks to go to choose one or the other liar to run the country. Bring home Julian Assange and give us some real choice.

  • Because the others can't be trusted

    Integrity has been sadly lost by our politicians, I'm willing to trust a man who has stood up for what he believes in to the extent that he has sacrificed his own liberty for his ideals. Neither of the main parties are willing to give an inch on anything other than appealing to the lowest common denominators in politics and human nature...I'd like to see a bigger picture in politics where ideals are the impetus for decision making.

  • A real possibility for changing a corrupt system

    I would vote for Julian Assange (and for other members of Wikileaks). I think that Assange is especially intelligent and very importantly, he seems to have certain qualities of "virtue" that are necessary but generally lacking politicians. This combination of intelligence and "virtue" could make a difference to this very corrupt society that is based so very much on ignorance and deception. Given enough power within a (supposedly?) democratic system, Assange could shake things up for the two major parties and for Australians overall.

  • Truth, Change, Accountability!

    Transparency is the way forward.
    It is the duty of the government to be open and honest, particularly to the people they are elected and funded by.
    Our current government is not an honest one.
    Labour and liberal are both funded by the same corps, they are being told what to do by bigger parties, ones we don't vote for.
    We have all seen the government make changes the people don't agree to, for the benefit of who exactly?
    We are not stupid, we do get glimpses of the true nature of our governments intentions, and where their concerns really do lie.
    We know this to be true.
    Otherwise they'd put more effort into doing things to benefit the people not companies and profiteers.
    Julian Assange in government would mean a whole lot of secrets coming to light.
    It would mean the elite couldn't get away with underhanded dealings.
    I think its time we know how things are being run.
    Power to the people!

  • I Vote No

    Julian Assange leaked confidential documents to the world. If he gets elected, what are the chances that America and England will stay allies with us? Considering we don't have a huge army, this will make us more vulnerable to countries that want our resources. We may become more vulnerable to terrorists. Who knows? All I know is this cowboy needs to be shut down!

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